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Welcome back to my motivation ☺️


Good morning everyone. ☺️

For the last 3 weeks I've been feeling tired, not quite well but not quite ill and generally a bit out of sorts. My mum has had bad news about her health and that too is taking its toll😟

I've been better than I used to be with my food ( not strayed too far off the path in terms of what I ate, but way off the path with calorie counting). I've not been running as I felt so rubbish. The cumulative effect of all of this has seen me playing seesaw with a few pounds. 😡

I am on half term this week and pledged to myself that I would be more organised and find my mojo, and so far it seems to be working!!!😄

I did my supermarket shopping online, spent an afternoon batch cooking and filling my freezer, have got up early and been out for my runs and guess what...I feel so much better!!! 😊

My motivation is back, I need to look after myself in order to look after others, I need to remain organised and remember the feeling I have on completing my runs ( it feels so much better than the 30 mins extra lie in feeling guilty because I didn't get up!!!) 😉

Happy Wednesday everyone - thank you for being there xxx

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Hi, sorry your Mum isn't too well, hope she will be ok, but pleased you have your mojo back.

Jingle_berry in reply to Caz28

Thanks Caz28. 😊

Heya, im sorry your mum is ill. Ofcourse you werent going to feel on top form.

Glad you are feeling better now, well done for doing all that batch cooking, phew!

Its great when you have you magic mojo back!

Thanks albinohedgehog. My poor mum is reall going through it - she's got a tumour on her liver that is inoperable and also a 'something' in her shoulder that is also cancer but not related to her liver or breast cancer ( she had that 17 years ago), and her biopsy is currently with the pathology dept as they aren't sure what it is and what ( if anything) can be done.

It's a worrying time and constantly takes up a bit of my brain! That, trying to keep her spirits up, reassuring my dad, work, my own family and a few pesky germs have taken their toll. However, after a few days off from work, I'm ready to get focused again! Bring it on 😊

Your poor mum, no wonder you are worried. It must take alot of energy.

You do well to get back on track after the blips, and not give up. I find germs really throw me off track too!

Well done 👍☺ xx

Thank you albinohedgehog for your lovely words. Some days are trickier than others, but I recognise that I need to do this for me and a positive, strong, healthy me is what is needed right now 😊

Itsbab4 stone

Hi I am sorry to hear of your mum let's hope that something can be done to help when she gets the results back👍

Like yourself my brain has been taken up with worry over members of my family to the point I had a breakdown but that's in the past, now I know that in order to help others you have to be fit yourself ( hence me being on here and taking whatever I can to help me sleep at night, only herbal I might add).

Glad you are using your holiday to concentrate on yourself a little. I presume you work in a school like I did before I had to leave and so I will just say, brace yourself for those germs again on your return ( get the flu jab, I know you have to pay but it's worth it).

Prioritise who needs help and make sure you keep yourself high up on there then you will be able to help your mum and dad but not end up burnt out yourself.

Good Luck hope its good news for your mum or at least optimistic news for her and next term is a lovely one what with Christmas etc. Best wishes Bev💐💐💐

Jingle_berry in reply to Itsbab

Itsbab - thank you for your lovely reply and for taking time out of your day to do it. You are right about those pesky germs - but Christmas is a lovely time in school, especially as I get the pleasure of teaching nursery 😘

Itsbab4 stone in reply to Jingle_berry

Ohhh! I used to work in nursery and KS1, but I would always have a tear in my eye at the nativity from the nursery kids as the proud looks on their faces to their parents at the end of the show were amazing. 🌠

That's the one part of working with children I miss helping with the nativity and all the excitement building up for Christmas also I must admit I'm a glitter girl so making those cards and Christmas crafts I would volunteer every time. 👍⭐️

Jingle_berry in reply to Itsbab

Itsbab - I know what you mean about the Nativity😇. I'm a great believer in glitter ⭐️☺️ Something's never fit the rule ' less is more' - smiles and glitter are in my top 2!!! X


These things happen. Good that you remained in control and back on track now 😊

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