Gym insomnia?

I'm building up to running 5k on the treadmills at the gym, and I just completed week 2 run 3 (so 6 runs total). The weird thing is, any time I've been to the gym, that night I'll wake up around 4am and not get back to sleep. It's something I realised last week, but then forgot all about until I woke up at 4.30 this morning.

Should I be doing something to help me sleep after the gym? Last week I had a bath to relax my muscles before bed, yesterday I went before work, so there was a huge gap before bed.

I'm not normally an insomniac, and I've never had trouble sleeping after the gym in the past.

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  • Try some Yoga before bed helps me sleep

  • How much sleep are you getting Cooper27? Do you think you might be waking to 'forage'?

  • On a typical night I get 7-8hours, but waking up at 4 means I get closer to 4.

    I'm not waking hungry or thirsty or anything like that, I just wake up feeling alert. I'll go to the loo and go back to bed, that's all.

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