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Why do GPs not know about the Healthy Choices NHS weight loss guide?

bbc.co.uk/news/health-37717594 This article was on the online news yesterday and this evening there was an interview on a radio 4 news programme.

Whilst I appreciate that online information is not appropriate for everyone, if doctors were aware of the information on weight loss available for free through the website and this forum, it could benefit a lot of people.

There was a campaign a couple of years ago and a poster was produced for us to put in our surgeries and have pictures taken with it (for c25k and Health unlocked in general) but surely there must be a better way of disseminating information to GPs?

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His Windswept

Have you seen the article / research in the Lancet today.


Hidden just posting the Lancet link. The Guardian picked this up yesterday -must say I was rather surprised to read about why doctors did not broach the subject with their patients.



On the radio interview the GP said that a patient couldn't tell if they (the GP) drank too much or smoked, but it was obvious if they were overweight. So it might be difficult for an overweight doctor to give the advice.

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Hi, yes I read the summary.

Obviously some people prefer to have face to face support, but for those that don't I think informing patients about this online option could be helpful. (and free)


Do we know that the 12 week programme *wasn't* the programme we know and love?

I've not read the Lancet paper yet but it was not a big weight loss reported over a year on average, although excellent results for some.

The discussion was useful about *how* the subject is addressed. I certainly was not impressed with how it was handled for me (I went for a smear test, the practice nurse seemed almost offended that I had achieved menopause without HRT, and proceeded to do a lot of other screening I wasn't there for (since when has "More often than just Christmas" meant "I abuse alcohol"???) and ignored serious symptoms which were thus investigated much later than would otherwise have been the case. I was informed I was obese... and "Declined to discuss weight reduction diet" was recorded in my notes... without any such discussion being offered, so I could not have declined! That's the wrong way to do it!


Extract from the article below.

'In this trial, these programmes were

provided mainly by Slimming World (Alfreton, UK).

When patients are referred for free through the NHS, the

programme offers 12 sessions consisting of 1 h of

behavioural group support, once per week.'

I had a very good experience from my practice nurse who wanted more information about how I had lost weight and c25k. Unfortunately there is no consistent approach from the NHS


I was referred by my practice nurse for the 12 week freebie at Slimming World. So far I have been twice and don't know what the heck I'm doing! I had already lost half a stone by myself and find the whole idea of wasting precious time sitting in a circle listening to the tales of success and failure of the other members and sharing my own experiences, a mind numbing experience. the concept that certain foods are free ( including pasta grains and pulses and most fruit and vege) and you can eat what you like of them is quite alien to me. So I am using "the Plan" but counting the calories as well. I feel I owe it to my practice to stick it out. Will let you know how I get on


I think some people prefer the 'group therapy'. Not for me either though. good luck


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