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sole's first weigh-in, 24-10-16

Morning aaaaalllll!!!!!

I hope you all had a good week-end.

I will write all my stats again as I only started 2 days ago and I feel I am already failing and need to tell myself off already!!!, jjjjjjj

I posted my very first weight 2 days ago when I started and I haven't managed to loose anything due to a fatty week-end with a friend in London (hopefully I won't see him again until one month time).

Sometimes friends can be very naughty and make you go stray. (I swear I will not use a friend as a excuse formy weaknesses any more!!).

I will set my goals first, then my stats again and then my pray to the Olympus' gods to achieve at least half of them! LOL.


-Loose near a pound a week (so I can shed round 12 pounds - or a stone if I manage- by the end of the 12 weeks NHS programme thing...). Though my ultimate goal would be to achieve a 5 stone weight loss over a longer period.

- change my fluid intake habit reaching 6 glasses a day.

- change my eating habits: cut down on snacking and healthier foods(very hard, really).

-set basic physical activities that help me move as I have such a sedentary life.

My stats, again, are:

- Bmi: 37.1

- weight: 95kg = 14 stone 13.44 pounds

shame on me as I scoffed a huge Indian super spicy and super fattening meal last Saturday!!!!.(just thought I would say farewell to my fattening old habits indulging in my "last supper" sort of meal...).

I hope my weigh- in session next week will be successful and hope to share with all of you.

I fear this is going to be a more tougher journey than I expected. lol.

Bless you all.

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I know where you're coming from with the "last supper" stay focused though and write everything down - maybe get out for a walk to keep you away from the snacks? I like to log my food first thing in the morning for what I plan to eat up to and including lunch so i know where I'm at. I've also looked out my cross stitching for the darker nights. I figure that keeping my hands occupied doing something will hopefully help. Draw a line under the weekend and move onwards and downwards :)

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Hi Sole,

I'm going to link this thread to the weigh in - so everyone can see your weigh in.

Wishing you every piece of luck in your endeavour to lose weight :)

Rob :D

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Hi Sole,

Keep logging what you eat and drink etc and you will soon be able to see why you are having good or bad weeks. 🤗

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Stop beating yourself up and I wish you success :)

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