Not a good weekend!

We have had a very stressful weekend! you know when every little thing that can go wrong tends to? no parking in town and massive queues everywhere and none of the food you wanted to buy in the sore. One of those weekends. And to top it off a family day today where a massive buffet was served. Feeling fed up and under pressure as there was so much food and "it can't go to waste" I had two pork pies, a ham roll, a scotch egg and lots of other bread nibbles didn't eat that much in the evening so hopefully won't have a terrible effect on my weight loss! it's only one day after all :) fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow! hope you all have a good week ahead!

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  • It was only one meal, we can't always be perfect. An occasional excess is ok.

  • As long as you enjoyed it , don't have any regrets. None of us is perfect and you'll be back on track tomorrow.😊

  • Provided you’ve remained astute with intake during the earlier part of the week, in addition to exercising, an afternoon of slight excess shouldn’t have too great a bearing upon your level of overall loss for the week.

    Furthermore, depending upon what you ate before-hand, your considered excess may not have taken you beyond intake for the day, even if what you ate wasn’t particularly nutritious.

    Rather than feeling annoyed and angry at yourself (you’ve not failed at all), use the occasion to appreciate that, at times, you can actually continue to have your cake and eat it, since many more will undoubtedly present themselves along your weight loss journey, not least in the run-up towards the festive season.

    The management of weight chiefly rests upon ensuring that you don’t repeatedly consume more calories than is needed on a daily basis. As such, provided that a daily deficit has been maintained for the large part, the occasional day of excess won’t have the adverse effect that you think it does.

  • Thanks for your replies guys :) It's a new day/new working week so I'll just try to move past it and be extra good! It's my partners birthday the week after this, so trying to be as good as possible until then as there will be lots of food and cake involved! :)

  • Weeks like this just happen , it's part of life's rich tapestry :-)

    Happy new week

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