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12-week Weight loss challenge

Hello everyone. I'm new here and tomorrow I'll be starting the 12 week challenge.

I'm 65kg and need to get to 50kg to be at a healthy weight.

Food wise I already don't drink or like fizzy drinks and I've gotten used to drinking my tea without sugar. I try to stay away from junk food too.

Exercise wise I've begun cycling to work (which is about 15min each way, so not much) and my work always keeps me on my feet.

By being here I hope to stay motivated throughout this journey as I tried it before but faltered after week 3.

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50Kg seems a very low weight, are you very small?


Oh, yup. 149cm short.

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A couple of centimetres shorter than I am. Good luck with your weight loss.


Again I faltered after week 3! However... I am now weighing 60kg!! Exercise has increased since I took up ice skating and a few hours at the gym a week. I will keep counting. As I am building muscle I'll probably try to weigh a bit more than my original goal. Here's to staying motivated!


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