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Start of Week 54 … Our Love is Like a Ship on the Ocean

Life is like a ship on a sea, started journey in the morning,

No signs of sea-shore until the evening.

Going and going, pushing up and down on the waves

Sometimes it's a fear of drowning.

Thunderstorms, clouds and the pouring water

Sometimes the bright sun, the clear sky seems better …

An excerpt of the poem Life is like a ship on a sea by Farida Amin.

My problem with my new lifestyle is I am enjoying the new way of living I am no longer concerned about the reason for getting on the boat in the first place. I have become a sea lover rather than the original land lover that I used to be; I am enjoying the tranquillity of the sun-kissed waves, the beauty of the weight I have achieved and no longer worried about the original destination I had set out to achieve. I am still seven pounds away from my ideal, and the aim of my big birthday is looming closer. I have now been this weight for another eight weeks, neither gaining nor losing weight. It seems it is no longer my priority.

Oh I can see the shore, or at least I know it is there in the distance, but I have lost the drive and the impetus to push that one last time. Hence today’s blog.

Another song came to me in the last couple of days, a small twinge t the back of my mind, a possible final spurt into action:

Ever since our voyage of love began

Your touch has thrilled me like the rush of the wind

And your arms have held me safe from a rolling sea

There's always been a quiet place to harbour you and me

May be it is time to Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby!

Have a great week whatever you are doing.

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Hi Johnny-One,

Some lovely words there, and I know that you're maintaining your weight currently. Congratulations as that is a really great success. It also sounds like you're enjoying the weight you are currently. But I also sense you would like to pursue the final few pounds to your goal. Therefore I'd like to wishing you that push you need to spur you forwards - that possible final spurt into action - you've got a few weeks till your Big Birthday, and here's to you achieving your goals.

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)


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