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My downfall

Well I decided on Friday to restart making my own bread at the weekends instead of buying a loaf as the family have been deprived since March when i started my new regime. As we don't bother with any through the week I thought it would be a treat ,mmm! Not so good idea as I have had to make 2 loafs as eaten it so quick and it was so yummy ,it will be my down fall so think I will have to have extra willpower next weekend not to eat any as 1 slice never enough .Its funny I have not really been bothered by anything else and I don't want to start undoing all my good efforts as I have now lost my first goal of 10kg .

So I will sadly say goodbye to my bread until xmas . :-(

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oooo I know that feeling - homemade bread is totally different to bought bread

Hubby made bread this week but made a small loaf and hid it before I got home (nothing like support of me losing weight hey? ) I could smell it when I got in and boy I craved it all night

He was kind and made me a sarny for my lunch box for the following day but hid the rest (and scoffed the rest himself lol)


LOL. I was chuckling when I read this its like a drug the smell ,I used to make it overnight with the timer so you woke up to it OMG my son used to beg me for the crust before he left for school /work.


Hi I bought myself a breadmaker 2 weeks ago and was so proud to show off my yummy smelling new bake wholemeal of course. But for 5 days I had bread something I hadn't had for a while and guess what even though I stuck to my calories last Monday I maintained my weight (didn't lose an ounce). So as an experiment I haven't had even one slice this week tomorrow I will know if it's made a difference.

I did buy some spelt flour yesterday so if anyone out there has a good recipe let me know as I understand it's better than normal flour or have I got this wrong?

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Be interesting to see if it made a difference.I think a slice might be ok but not half a loaf as in my case lol.

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