Good Morning

Good Morning you Wonderful People

I'm going back in time to my childhood i've just ordered a jump rope which i'm going to try not to break my neck but mix it in with my exercises as i like to swap and change them out weekly so i dont get bored doing them.

Is anyone still alive thats used them and could give abit of advice also any exercises you do post them as i'm will to try anything once if it don't kill me or i dont have to touch spiders


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15 Replies

  • Morning Richarde19691 😊 I'm with you on the spiders but I've not used a skipping rope for years!!

    Good luck! You make me tired just thinking about it! 😊

  • Morning Richarde19691

    Gawd that brings back memories - good for you.

    I remember jumping with two feet, 1 foot (hopping), running whilst using the rope,

    I fancied looking for a pair of roller skates the other day - then thought better of it as although I have a long drive it's gravel :( and I don't fancy doing that in public until I had got the hang of it again.

    You thought of a hoola hoop? think I might look at getting one of these - never could do it but perhaps that's a challenge in it's self

    Good luck :) and most of all have fun

  • I dont think they make Hoola Hoops big enough for me lol but worth looking into and i dont think i will be jumping on 1 foot as yet going to be hard enough doing it with 2 lol. Main goal is Cardio i really want to build myself up cant run much at moment as it hurts my knees as i'm still carrying 23st 7lbs so i mainly walk on treadmill 6 days a week for 4 to 5k per day but been reading Jump Rope is good for Cardio and not much impact

  • They do make workout hula-hoops these days. It's adult sized with a bit more weight in it to help time and burn more calories. I did see them in my supermarket once, but Amazon would also work.

  • Have a look for roller discos near you! They're making a come back.

  • Hey I have to travel at least 45 miles to get to a supermarket, don't think a roller disco will be coming my way any time soon :D

    But I will have a search for when we go to the towns - thanks

  • Ha ha - not likely then! Amazon and eBay could still be a good place for a hula hoop.

  • Should add, they come in 6 segments that you slot together - it's not as ridiculous as you might imagine!

  • 45 miles for a supermarket, I hope you have great local shops then, to cope?

  • We have a village about 5 min drive away that has a small co-op but I rarely use it

    I travel the 45 miles daily to get to work, so just do a food shop on my way home (depends where you are in the country as we have family in Southend and they think travelling 45 miles one way to work is ridiculous, but to us it's nothing as we don't have the traffic like they do there :))

  • Northern Scotland by any chance?? My hubby drives 55 miles each way but thankfully only 2-3 times a week 😕

  • What a way to go work.. ...... Recently been deployed, so 15 min walk, eif travelling nearby I get to expenses.

    Beats my £25 a week, previous travel costs

  • Well done, I was never coordinated enough to skip prpoerly

  • I've tried skipping ropes a couple of years back - it's actually really tiring. I'm a two feet at a time sort - that's what most people in my gym did too. Two jumps per rotation on the rope.

    For a while, I was also dong this at home too for daily cardio - our ceilings weren't high enough for ropes, but I'd just pretend I was on a rope - rotate the arms, big jump, little jump, big jump, little jump, just like I would on a rope but less death wish! You feel silly, but it's all for a greater cause!

  • Last time I tried skipping rope was about 40 years ago, I fell over and tore the tendons in my foot and was in plaster for 6 weeks so not been tempted again. Have, however just bought myself a rebounder and can't believe what hard work it is just bouncing up and down on that.

    Good luck with the skipping

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