Belly lost hair problem

I have so many problems in my life and its hard to fight I m belly issue with hair lost also same time which increase my age further more I am so depressed I can't life happy with this ugly look with hair lost and belly I try every day to fix my belly in gym but its not working from 3 months to hit gym .its more frustrated when I see girls in gym looking good body shape guys and talking to them make me more embarrassing that maybe this is not my place to work I m trying to fix my problem but it's not working I can't eat green veggies because I hate all of that don't suggest me that and I hate to see my looks in front of mirror and compared myself to a hot guys with hair in gym with girls please help me pray for me that my hair back once again and I loss my belly fat and look decent with my age help me


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  • Ok let me say some thing, Stop comparing yourselve to others you are you, the so called hot guys will feel inescure too and if they say they dont they are lying they work hard to look good and they been at it years.

    As for you feeling depressed i may have read it wrong but its seems its all about your looks, let me tell you about a guy who was 28st never left house for 6yrs missed a huge part of his sons life hated hhimself and was too worried what other people thought of him then he woke up, he's now 24st doing stuff with his son and going outside because he learned to love himself and stopped caring what others think.

    As for the girls the right 1 will come along when its time no rushing love it just happens but as i said above you have to love yourself first then everything will fall into place

    P.S. the guy was me

  • Thank you for saying this, Richarde19691. I was thinking exactly the same thing!😀

  • Brilliant Richard 👍 we all wake up and smell the coffee someday

    We have to accept the person we are and strive with hard work and determination to be the person we want to be.

    Keep on doing what you are doing and you will be a winner 👏🏻nothing is handed to us on a plate and anything worth having is worth working for, you just have to have the determination to put the effort in. Good luck to a healthier, fitter and more confident you. 😊⭐️

  • What a great reply Richarde19691. I really hope it helps Saad619.

  • Brilliant answer 😊 And take it from me girls care far more about kindness and consideration than a bit of belly fat! 😊

  • Thanks for encourage me

  • A lot of men go a bit thin on top - often they take a razor to it and shave the lot (you are probably too young to remember Yul Brynner) - or more recently Captain Picard of Star Trek! You could even add a beard and that can be quite a good look!

    Don't be down on yourself - we women look first for a beaming smile, a mischievous glint in the eye and a kind word or two goes a long way. Take pride in yourself, keep busy, find interesting things to do where you can meet other people - cycling, badminton, singing...whatever is your interest.

    You will soon start to look a better shape because of all the healthy exercise, and having less time to spend eating or drinking badly.

  • We def do

  • Hi. You are very critical of yourself, have you ever seen a counsellor? I think it would really help you become more positive and move forward. You might need to work on your mental health before you work on your physical health, i think.

    All the best. Hedgehog

  • Hello - a bit of tough love from me. But I really hope it can help you.

    Short of an operation, you can't do much about your hair loss, I'm afraid (assuming you don't have an illness that makes you lose hair).

    But you can tackle your belly, by losing weight and exercising. You're doing the right thing by going to the gym, but make sure you are doing the right exercise routine to burn off fat. You'll need to do aerobic exercise (eg the treadmill) to do this, and then a routine of tummy toning exercises to firm up the muscles underneath. You could ask one of the gym staff for advice. Most men who go to gyms seem to want to tone up their tummies, so you will be in good company. Please don't compare yourself with other men at the gym. If you work hard at your diet and at the gym you will be one of the fit ones in the future. So you could try to see them as inspiration for what might be possible for you if you stick at it.

    With your diet, whatever you eat, if you cut your overall calorie intake down to a level where you will be taking in less than you are burning off, then you will lose weight. So you can get the weight off even if you never eat another vegetable. However, veg are very good for you, and you really should try to like them. Can you try to find one or two you can tolerate, or try them cooked or raw to see what you like best? At least don't assume you won't like a particular vegetable until you have actually tried it?

    Vegetables also fill you up for very few calories, so eating them makes it so much easier to stick to your diet. Occasionally hair loss can be caused by bad diet, so veg might even help you keep your hair on!

    Finally, I think that all of us who want to lose weight have to make a real commitment to it, because we need to change lifetime habits, which is not easy. Being willing to change your diet is part of that. If you want to lose weight, but you can't face making the necessary changes, then you are going to find it much harder than if you make a really firm commitment to doing what is necessary to change.

    There is a saying "if you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got". So you are going to need to change some of what you eat and what you do if you want to change yourself.

    All the best.

  • Perfectly said, MEBXYZ! Thank you for saying it.

  • Hair is just that............if it's if any comfort some women, lose a bit, I have a couple of patches ( since I was 15 , and they are covered).

    We all have issues , I used to think I was judged by my teeth ( I've lost too many back ones), now I know I'm not.

    Aim for that smile, that cheeky funny comment ........we all qualities, that make us who we are.

    Question your past and see if there are any hidden issues, that bring down your confidence and find eats to overcome them

  • Hi Saad,

    Do any of us like our own bodies?we can all find imperfections .

    Things will work out for you in time and when you least expect it.

    Good luck.

  • I think I like most of me, the other bits I could tone up!

    You are right life has habit of bring unexpected, I live in hope, nor expectation, a dangerous thing

  • Hi Diana ,

    A friend once said to me ,"never expect anything" and"you will never be disappointed".

  • Maybe, but some of us live in hope things will change

  • Things happen in mysterious ways and when we least expect them too.

  • I know you will find this perhaps not what you were expecting but personality far outweighs looks every time. Eventually even the most "handsome" people will mature and mellow. If you care for people, make time for them and make them laugh, I promise you that is more important than rippling muscles. By all means get fit and healthy but it is what is inside, your personality that really counts. My hubby had lost a lot of his hair when I met him 20 years ago but it just wasn' t something that bothered me at all. It was the inside person that I fell in love with and still love, although I still find him very attractive too!!! Xx

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