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Starting LCHF diet to lose weight. Anybody had success and any truth in the cardiac problems this diet is accused of?

LCHF starts Monday as well as long walks until in shape for running again. Recommended Atkins, Paleo and now LCHF so now trying this one as have had major sweet tooth and love carbs. Withdrawl will be a problem...

Any body had success with LCHF?

Any body had cardiac (heart/arterial/stroke) issues on this diet?

Confused man needs help...


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Hi Zuper

It's a controversial subject. Here's one site with some information.



Heya. I have been doing a fairly low carb diet the last couple weeks. It's hard sometimes with carb cravings and sometimes I do slip up and have a bowl of cereal or a spoon of lemon curd or something! But I'm sticking to it about 90% and it's def helping with stabilising my blood sugar levels and reducing my appetite. I started off high in fat but was going over my calories allowance and not losing weight, so now I just eat moderate amount of fat. I think if you want to do high fat then if you are eating healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, avocado you should not get health problems. I would be wary of doing a diet high in Saturated fat like in meat and dairy, as it does go against mainstream health advice and would be a risk.

You have to find the carb level suitable for you but I find as long as I avoid the really Carby stuff like rice and potatoes, I can still eat things like chickpeas and butternut squash which do contain some carbs. Also 70% dark choc is quite low carb and useful for treats.

You might find this article helpful


Also yes the 'carb flu' is def a thing. I didn't feel ill but the first few days I slept a lot, but then your body does get used to it. I'd like to eat a bit more carbs like a bit of brown rice with dinner or a bit of granola for supper, but when I do it just makes me really hungry for more carbs like half an hour later, so it's not worth it.


Also has some good articles, but like authority nutrition and marks daily apple it is very pro low carb so I don't know if maybe you want to read some more objective articles as well.

Good luck with it I hope you find what suits you.



If you are looking for a permanent lifestyle change then why try to omit a food that you love? Couldn't you just reduce the amount? 😕

We are all different and I hope you find an eating plan that works for you 😊

Good luck


I have been doing LCHF since the beginning of 2016 and have lost 13kgs. I feel great, never hungry and sometimes only do 2 meals a day - late breakfast and an earlyish dinner (which is a bit like intermittent fasting). My hair, skin and nails are great, psoriasis almost non-existent, BP normal. It has become a way of life now and no trouble to manage. Give up the beer though if you really want it to work!


So far this year, I have lost 23kg, mainly due to reducing carbohydrates but especially sugar, potatoes, bread and pasta. I've replaced them with protein and "good" fats and have never felt hungry. As I posted previously, my wife's diagnosis of being "pre-diabetic" was the spur to the change in diet and we are both feeling so much better for it.


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