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Reduction of weight and triglycereds

I am South Indian vegetarian aged 62. I had silent angina in 2003. Iam on medication. I walk 45 minutes brisk and do exercises for 20 minutes daily. I recently diagnosed diabeties.i take glucomet 250 one tablet night time. For past13 years my weight was ranging from 77 to 79 kegs. However now it is increased to 81 kegs. The Entire lipid profile and diabeties are in desired readings only. However the triglycereds are 200.

I request to provide me the best food schedule to lower weight and to reduce triglycereds. I am 167 centimeters height and medium frame.

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Having just googled triglycerides, have come up with this link which might be helpful? heartuk.org.uk/health-and-h...

For more general advice, look at increasing your fruit, vegetables, wholegrain cereal, nuts and seeds. Watch portion sizes for Meat, eggs, cream and cheese and use fish more if you like it. Avoid high sugar products and high fat sauces and go easy on alcohol and sugary drinks.

Look at your lifestyle to see if your stress levels are high...regular exercise will help, and it sounds as if you are already doing that with your walking. I find that walking in the country is more relaxing than walking in town - look at joining a rambling group if that interests you? The company and conversation as well as the exercise provides a helpful diversion from a busy life.


I am pure vegetarian.as regards nuts I am in general taking handful of peanuts. I take half apple.3 times coffee without sugar. Normal diet with white rice. Recently changed to brown rice.

Pl suggest keeping the above factors

Thank u


Take a look at the BBC Website for Vegetarian low-calorie meals: bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide...

Do watch the portion sizes of things like peanuts which have a very high oil content....the above website has a useful guide to quantities or portions when trying to reduce calorie intake. A handful of nuts with seeds and dried fruit is probably better than just a handful of plain nuts, and pleasant to snack on too.

Lastly - drink more plain water or fruit teas to fill you up...coffee too is ok in small quantities but the caffeine in it is a stimulant so best not drunk in large amounts.


Thanks for ur suggestion. I will see the site u referred to and take precaution in portion size

Thank u and have a good day


You might want to post your question on The Cholesterol site, too.



Yes .please post there also


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