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I am a newbie!

Hi there, everyone! I have recently been accepted on to an NHS LEAP programme, but the next one doesn't start until January. So, I did some Googling and found info on the NHS 12 week plan, Meal mixer, Calorie Counter and this community! So, I thought I may as well try and start on my own a little bit early. Feeling hopeful, but quite nervous. The main problem I have is sticking to a plan. Cravings for sweet things normally come back at some point! Any tips about staying on plan and being motivated? Thanks all! xxx

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Hi Charl1987,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. Really glad you found us here! :-) I'd recommend you have a read of our Welcome Newbie post, which is in the Pinned posts area - right-hand-side of the homepage, or at the bottom if you're accessing via a mobile device.

Please join us for any Challenges you like the look of - and maybe join the Monday group weigh-in, if you'd like to be part of a weekly weigh-in in a supportive and friendly group. You'd be very welcome. The next weigh-in session will be this Monday (24th October 2016) and moreless will be posting it. Myself and Moreless post it on alternate weeks, so if you want to be notified of when we post it, do 'follow' us, so you don't miss a posting!

Wishing you an excellent weekend and good luck with your weight loss goals!

Lowcal :-)

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Welcome to the forum 😀. I found the first 10 weeks really hard for cravings. But my second time round on the 12 week challenge the cravings are much less. They do talk about the 12 weeks being necessary to break habits and I have found that to be true. Also I find what I eat is as important as how much I eat. If I eat high GI foods like white bread or sugary treats then I want more bad stuff in the day. On the other hand it is important to treat yourself now and then too otherwise you will get unhappy and that makes it harder to stick to the plan. I have found the best advice I have received on this forum is to use the BMI calculator to work out how many calories I should be eating. I was not eating enough before and I wasn't losing weight. And my last tip is to be kind to yourself and set a little target first of all rather than thinking of your overall weight loss goals. I try to focus on each week's lb rather than the 2st I have left to lose otherwise it is very overwhelming. I hope that is helpful but keep posting and good luck 😀


Hi there charl1987 . Welcome to the forum. :-)

I can see you have had some great advice already. What I would suggest is finding healthy foods which have natural sweetness, like caramelised onions, butternut squash or sweet pototoes, and try incorporating them into your meals. Also don't forget all of the luscious sweet fruit that you can eat too. As you get into things, you will probably find that your palate will change, and you will get to enjoy flavours of natural foods more, and when you do have chocolate it might start to seem almost too sweet.

I never thought of it, but I think the advice from nteapea about not having refined white carbs may be a good point, and it may well stave off cravings if you eat wholegrain varieties.

I think everyone has something healthy that they love to eat. For me it would be mango, salmon, oatcakes, and avocado. Find those things and have them often.

Well, that's my advice for what it's worth!

Wishing you all the best.



Morning Charl1987 - it's great that you found the forum. Everyone is so supportive and friendly here and I'm sure you'll get a lot of encouragement. It's really good you are starting your journey independently so you know you are seizing control of your weight loss and return to healthier times. I wish you all the best - hang on in there!


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