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Whole grains - help

I am new to this site but desperatly need support to help me loose the pounds. Most diets keep telling me to eat whole grains as supposidly they have more fibre & therefore are more filling. However, 1] I don't find them particularily more filling but more importantly 2] if I eat brown rice, whole grain bread etc regularily, within a couple of days I start to get chronic heartburn. Advice therefore needed as to alternatives.

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If its just Fibre your after try this link greatist.com/health/surpris...


Maybe you need to introduce them slowly? Fibre can affect digestion 😕


You'll find natural fats more filling, so include olive oil, avocado, nuts and salmon in your diet and plenty of veg, especially leafy greens :)


Hello Halszka . I think one of the reasons wholegrains are also recommended is because of the way our body breaks them down. As they count as complex carbohydrates, they take longer to digest, and release less sugar into our bloodstream. In other words they are low GI. This is specially good if you have or are keen to try and avoid type 2 diabetes, (as I am.)

I just had a quick look on google and found it suggested that if wholegrains are giving you indigestion try to get fibre from fruit and veg instead.

I hope that helps?



The complex carbohydrate theory was devised long before it was tested. In 1981 when they began Gi testing it was found that many complex carbohydrates are absorbed as glucose faster than table sugar.

Parsnips 97

Weetabix 72

Shredded Wheat 69

White bread 70

Wholemeal bread 69

Beetroot 65

Baked Potato 85

Corn Flakes 82

Cous Cous 64

Table sugar 64

The ones that aren't are in the minority and include quinoa, bulgur wheat, buck wheat, and sweet potato glycemicindex.com

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