Good Morning

Good Morning You Wonderful People

Whats everyone's plan for the day, mine is just to relax catch up on a few TV Shows.Also a few light workouts during the day Todays Meals will be:-

Breakfast, 1 slice of wholegrain toasted with peanut butter, half of grapefruit

Lunch, Egg salad, 1 Banana, Chocolate Mint Protein shake

Dinner, Grilled 3oz Skinless chicken breast with lime and chill flakes, steamed veg (Carrots, Broccoli, Spinach) and a Baked Sweet spud

Total cals for the day 1203


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9 Replies

  • Good morning Richard :)

    I've been for a 10K run this morning, have my grandson here to look after, housework, haircut, one, or two walks :)

    Meals today:

    Breakfast - kippers and spinach

    Lunch - Tomato soup, 2 oatcakes with butter

    Dinner - Flat mushroom pizza, topped with onions, peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella and served with roasted veg, braised red cabbage. Honeydew melon

    2 cups of coffee with cream and a handful of macadamias

    Total calories - 1730

    Why so few calories for you, Richard??

  • Yes, as @moreless says 1200 is low. Be careful not to eat too little!! It's counter productive - honestly!

  • How do you know how many calories you need?

  • Enter your details into the NHS BMI calculator, for a guide to the range of calories that you require :)

  • just how its worked out today i normally do around 1500 to 2000 cals per day

  • I don't eat the same amount every day either :)

  • Sounds like a great day, and a good meal plan. I have a day off today too and am going to watch the Bake off on catch up, while I curl up on the sofa and finish my knitting project! I am planning to have a few crumpets for a late breakfast, and an apple. For supper I am going to try making baked sweet potato chips, maybe I will get some salmon and greens to have with them.

    Enjoy your day!

  • Mine has been ok, work at 6 to 1, bit of shopping , home, then catch up, food wise not fab ( two Choc biscuits and almond croissant in there).

    Bit of laundry too

    Breakfast, fruits, 1 slice of toast and nut butter, 1 Apple.

    lunch. prawn Mayo roll, pocket pack of nuts/ seeds ( Lidl fab) .

    Dinner rump steak , salad and new potatoes.

    Getting back to normal, after yesterday, bloated, achy menopasal day, must do better tomm, less sugar, such is life at times

  • Your menu sounds yummy! I cleaned my house this morning, then went for a walk. A friend I haven't seen for over 12 years visited this afternoon so that was lovely. Today I had home made blueberry porridge for breakfast, a skinny cheese toastie for lunch, a banana as a snack and veg packed spag bol for evening meal.

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