Need advice please

Hi I am new here and started calorie counting for the first ever time on Monday - I am now on day 3

First off the BMI calculator stated I should eat between 1588 - 2042 calories a day

Day 1 I ate approx 1320 and felt fine and adequately full

Day 2 I ate approx 1504 calories and felt adequately full

Day 3 so far I have had 1385 calories

I am eating a varied healthy diet IE today's food intake is as follows

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs

Morning snack - 1 banana

Lunch - homemade chunky vegetable soup (portion calculated at 120 calories)

Afternoon snack - orange and a small box of raisins (you know the ones for kids lunch boxes)

Tea - spaghetti bol with brown spaghetti (as I had veggie soup thought I could have a no veg meal for tea tonight)

1 cup of coffee with 2 sugars and semi skimmed milk at breakfast, then hot water the rest of the day

I have actually eaten enough to fill me up, but not got near the lowest end of my suggested calorie intake

Should I try and eat more? I know darn well I was eating the wrong foods before as I would snack on cheese, crisps, biscuits etc

Any input would be welcome


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34 Replies

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  • Hi and welcome Cracker :)

    Whilst I wouldn't advocate eating for eating's sake, I would also want you to consider that as you lose weight, your calorie allowance will decrease, meaning that if you're already eating less than recommended, you're going to have to go even lower, to continue to lose weight. May I suggest adding some natural fats to your menu, as they're nutritionally important and will add calories, without bulk. Nuts, olive oil, avocado are all really good examples :)

    Take a look at the Pinned Posts section, to the right of your screen (bottom, if you're using a mobile) and have a look at the Welcome Newbies thread.

    Look at the Topics section beneath that, for posts that could answer any questions you may have. Consider joining any, or all, of our challenges, as they're fun and motivating.

    Join us for the Monday Group weigh-in. If you follow Zest and myself, you'll be notified when we post the threads. The latest weigh-in thread can always be found in the Events section, to the right (bottom) of the home page.

    Be active on the forum, as that's where we exchange ideas and get our daily dose of motivation and inspiration and don't be afraid to ask for assistance, if you need it :)

    Wishing you all the best as you start on your journey to health and happiness :)

  • Thanks moreless i just checked my BMI & i should be eating between 1,732 -2227 i have been trying to keep to 1,400 & avoiding things like nuts because of their calories . I do love cooking and all i do is home made from scratch trying to avoid processed meats . The thing i miss is cheese always been my weakness . I am going to take your advice & add nuts & Avocado . Hadn't taken into account i will be decreasing calories as my BMI lowers

  • I'm very pleased to hear that Cherry and don't avoid cheese either! I have cheese most days of the week and have still lost nearly 7st! :)

  • Yes, I agree! I prefer cheese to chocolate!! I use low fat grated for cooking, and buy small amounts of really nice cheese for my treat 😊

  • Ooh, er. Low-fat alarm bell!

  • It's just to save calories! I do eat full fat other things like eggs butter and other cheese s 😊

    Ps I've also noticed since increasing my natural fat intake (to help post op healing) my skin is much less dry 😊

  • It doesn't look too bad on the insulin index either optimisingnutrition.files.w...

    I just have an aversion when they start messing with food ;-)

  • I agree 😊 But on the plan I follow I get a wee bit more of the low fat stuff, and you can't tell when it's cooked. It's just made with skimmed milk (according to 'food unwrapped' on Ch4) 😊

  • Useful,link btw 😊

  • Zoom-in and notice the difference between full-cream milk, low-fat, and skim :-) I'll shut up now.

  • I use the strongest cheese I can get Aldi normally and weight 30g, or use yummy sift cheese instead, Engevita by marigold , cheesy yeasty flakes is a good 'almost ' replacer in cooking . Get it independent health good shops

  • If you can worth noting a teasp of nut/ peanut butter is 33 cals, it's my 'quivk breakfast' 1 slice of toast and nutter butter, add in some fruit too.

    Greggs/Lidl/Aldi all do nut packs at about 155 cals, nice snack packs, quite filling too, as well as cal counted

  • Do you have enough energy to do all the stuff you need during the day if so i wouldn't worry about it too much if you feel lack of energy at any point then i would up it. I used to feel like i wasn't eating enough all the time but from what i can see you are eating all the right stuff but i'm no Doc

  • I sounds good, but I would suggest you get some calories from some healthy fats in the form of nuts/almonds, avocado, vegetable oil, olives, fat fish and some more protein (fish, pulses, beans, lentils). It looks like you only have protein for breakfast.

  • Should have have said that the soup had taco beans in it as well as veg

    Yesterday for breakfast I had yogurt and fruit, lunch broccolli soup1 slice of brown bread banana and an orange for the afternoon snack and for tea chicken and veg

  • It also depends on how much exercise you are getting, how physically demanding your day is? It doesn't sound like very much food to me πŸ˜• But everyone is different, if you feel fit and well that's what matters 😊

  • A little more background before starting this 12 week plan -

    I have not eaten breakfast for years, so am struggling hence a very light breakfast - in my mind at least I am having something as I used to eat nothing until about 11am when I had already done half a days work.

    Breakfasts I used to have at least 4 coffees with sugar and about 5 cigs - therefore getting it down to no cigs and just one coffee and some food is an accomplishment in itself. ;)

    for lunch I used to have a filled roll (usually sausage or bacon), bag of crisps or some other junk and then pig out on tea

    Exercise - apart from work I used to be a couch potato, however now I am parking further away from work and it takes me 15 min to walk in and back at a brisk speed then walking up 2 flights of stairs. I am going out for a lunch time walk every day too

    So this is a very different regime for me as you can see

    After only 2 weeks of doing the extra exercise I am already noticing a difference in my sleep - having only recently given up smoking (well nearly 4 months now) I am not physically fit but have made a start with something I feel comfortable doing, I hope to lose enough weight to enable me to start swimming and going to the gym - at present I am too self conscious to actually go swimming or to the gym

    I actually ate 1837 calories yesterday in the end, so more than the last two days :)

    Breakfast today - was baked beans on toast, lunch box is salad with cottage cheese and 2 teaspoons of humous in a wee pot to eat as a dip with cucumber, banana and apple for morning and afternoon snack. Tea is going to be fish and stir fried vegetables

  • Cracker, you're doing brilliantly well! :)

    Don't take everyone's comments as criticisms, because they certainly aren't that. They're positive responses to your initial request for advice and given with your health and well-being in mind :)

    You're actually doing much better than you're giving yourself credit for and have absolutely nothing to be concerned about :)

    I hope we'll see you at the weigh-in, on monday, so that we can see just how successful I know you're going to be :)

    All the best :)

  • Absolutely agree with moreless cracker10 😊 You are doing brilliantly 😊 This weight loss journey is a series of steps and you will learn what works for you 😊 I was another breakfast skipper, but now after a workout and not eating the evening before I really enjoy ' breakfast' but not until I've been up for several hours!!

    Just another thought, are you avoiding bread? Wholmeal bread is a good source of slow release carbohydrate and if you aren't eating much first thing it may be a useful addition to your lunch 😊

    Good luck and very best wishes 😊

  • Hi @Annna61 When I eat bread now I am eating wholemeal bread - I did avoid bread last week but missed it too much

    I used to eat Kingsmill or Hovis 50/50 as I couldn't stand brown bread, but this week tried whole meal and hey it's bread (talk about tastes changing over the years)

    Today I had baked beans on toast and had wholemeal bread :)

  • You are making some great changes 😊😊😊 well Done

  • Thank you :)

  • It depends on how much you have to lose, but I would say you probably need to eat more. If your calories are too low you can mess up your metabolism and your body can end up holding on to calories as it goes into starvation mode.

  • Hi Cracker. I found this thread very interesting. I started on Monday & am also finding that I don't get anywhere near as much calories as suggested. The other day I only had 900 but didn't feel hungry. I'm eating very much the same things as you are. Homemade soup is very filling but low in calories.

    If you're feeling ok carry on as you are. I was eating for the sake of it before & am already feeling better cutting down. Keep going you're doing great with the extra walking as well.

  • Thanks

    I wish you all the best on your journey too :) @Donster

  • Ok so tonight the fish and stir fry didn't happen - bad day at work so instead I had .........

    A 3 egg omelette with 30 gm cheese, red and green pepper and onion - and I treated myself to a small glass of wine put into a large glass topped up with soda water (don't normally have an alcoholic drink in the week, but sometimes it just has to be done)

    Believe it or not the omelette has filled me up

  • You did well then

  • I have to say you are doing very well, we all here have our ideas, and a lot of us share them, I'm very glad you've taken the bold step to lose weight and really change your diet and lifestyle.

  • Thanks Diana

  • well the last two days this week I have managed to increase the calories to in the 1700 and 1800's (ok one of those days had a small glass of wine in it :0 )

    Starting to get itchy feet to go on the scales roll on Monday when I am allowed to do this, (this is my rule not the rule of the 12 week plan :) )

  • Fingers crossed for you 😊 You are very patient waiting until MOnday 😊😊😊

  • If you feel hungry then eat more but if not too hungry then dont eat..I have days low calories then higher calories the it normally even out..I usually add the seven days on intake of calories up divide by 7 to find out average.. have a good week..

  • That sounds really good.Sometimes calorific content low but sugars high! Yougurt and ftuit juice very high in sugar. I was 19 st 5 oz got down to 16st 10 but put weight on ovdr Christmas so now 17 2. I do exexercise with a Personal Trainer which helps. The PTSD is very hard to manage and GP'S not that helpful. We need encouraging and helping not criticism and abuse.

  • wow dave1960moreton you have lost a good 2 stone - I am still trying to get to the first stone

    We can do this :)

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