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Hi everyone I just taught I'd update you all on my daughters progress as I done mine lol well she was in the gym again and decided to weigh herself as she's been eating healthy and going to the gym 5days a week and she was shocked to see she's almost lost a stone weight in 10days now as she said to me she's can't be sure that that is right as it wasn't the same scales she was weighed on at the start of her transformation so she going to get the blokes who are helping her at the gym to let her use the ones they used but I'm proud anyways as it already shows the weight she's loosing and keeping up the gym and enjoying it is an amazing thing for her so that my update for her I hope everyone is doing good and I hope all that join this forum realises what a great opportunity we have here to help each other with or tops on eating healthy and just the encouragement we get from it you all are an amazing group of people and thank you so much from myself and my daughter for all the help and support we already received once again your are truly amazing people and I hope we can all keep encouraging each other xx


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6 Replies

  • Fantastic Gladys, I'm delighted for your daughter and you! You're both doing brilliantly! :)

    Keep up the great work, Onwards and downwards! :)

    Together we can achieve anything! :)

  • Thank you yes on wards and up words like you said together we can do it and become friends and most important the person we want to be xxx

  • Absolutely! :)

  • Whoop whoop 😊🎉😊 very well done to your daughter 😊 She is well on the way to a healthier fitter life 😊 You must be very happy for her ❤️

  • Yes I'm so proud of her she rang today upset because she's having problems with her laptop it was doing updates and was taking over an hour while put her behind in her assignment which has to be in by 6pm today and it meant she probably wouldn't get to the gym and that upset her but like I said to her she's doing good but she also has to concentrate on her study too so it wouldn't hurt to miss today xxx

  • I'm even more excited as my other daughter has lost weight too so so proud of my beautiful girls xxc

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