Feeling bit low

So I've been doing this a week today and I really have thrown my all into it. I am allowed 1200 calories and I have logged all my food, haven't eaten over my allowance, went walking sometimes twice a day (something I didn't do before) and I weighed myself this morning I am still at my starting weight 10st 2.4 this is really frustrating. I know it is very early days but it would have been nice to see something off. On Saturday past I weighed myself and was 10st 1 but now I am back up. I do feel a bit hormonal and certain parts of me are sore so it could be that time of the month, I will keep going but I just feel a bit down this morning because off it :(


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  • Hi Jenny. You're doing everything right. I only started the 12 week programme on Monday so haven't weighed in yet, (sound like a boxer), but I used to go to Slimming World and that would happen to me. I'd be sensible all week, then not lose anything at the weigh day. However the following week, still being sensible, I lost weight. So have a good week and don't get downhearted, it's a long road, with ups and downs, just focus on your goal :-)

  • Hi Jenny, are you particularly short, as 1200 seems quite low? The Change 4 Life plan says aim for 1400, which is around a lot of people's BMR. I know you should aim to always eat enough to satisfy your BMR, that's the amount of calories your body needs to breathe and pump blood etc before you get up and start moving about. Mine is currently 1343*, but I like to eat around 1500 as I'm quite active. My weekends have seen me 'splurging' to 1800, whoops, but I am still getting a good calorific deficit.

    There's a tool here if you'd like to try it: myfitnesspal.com/tools/bmr-...

    And you may have started at just the wrong TOTM. The week before is usually everyone's worst week, as you are hungrier and retain more water.

    Anyway, don't give in, just make sure those foods are awesome, nutritious and filling for the most part, but don't deny yourself ikkle counted treats either, and you are bound to see something good next week.

    *ah, I remember when I used to weigh less and this was higher. Darn ageing! Darn hormones!

  • Hi Wishus, yea i'm only 5ft 2 lol, a shortie I put my details into one of those calculators and it told me my calorie intake should be 1200, I have to admit I do fine it a bit hard and get quite hungry as the day goes on. I try to have a good breakfast, like granola cereal or quaker's oats, then for lunch a salad, or wrap, then for dinner, I'll have chicken with vegetables, but that is usually my calories used up so by time I have my walk I'm shattered and hungry...

  • You can always try and up your calories slightly and add in a couple of low cal snacks during the day to keep you going. If you're that low and hungry maybe your body thinks it's in starvation mode and is holding on to everything it can get?

    I've just tried the link Wishus put up and it gave me a calorie amount of 1,479/day. However, I have been using the one on the NHS Choices site and it gives me a range of 1,677 - 2,156 cals/day. That's a bit difference! I find if I stick to the lower end of the range (1,677) with no lapses (!) I lose about 2 lbs a week. If I slip more than a day or two I tend to lose 1 lb or maintain (if I have a really difficult week).

    Good luck and I hope you find a solution! :)

  • Thanks, Vicky! That calculator's a different one, which you get on the BMI calculator.http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyweightcalculator.aspx

    It gives you a range for your recommended calorie intake, rather than basic metabolic rate, and is approximated over a range, which is really helpful I think because we don't do the same things everyday and don't want to eat like that either. I get 1570-2019, which is kind of what I eat to, and like you, I aim for the lower end (most of the time!!!). Works for me too! :)

  • I really like having a range as well because if (when!) I go over the minimum amount I don't feel bad about it. I think it's much more realistic really. :)

  • Maybe it's what you're eating too. The majority of what you've written are carbs, with granola and wraps being turned to glucose faster than table sugar for instance. This often happens when focussing on a low calorie, low fat diet.

    The solution is to get most of your carbs from vegetables, and have some natural fat; you will find it easier to stay within your kcal intake without hunger.

    One or two weeks each month, practice a maintenance break by increasing your natural fat intake enough to stall weight loss, preventing the body adjusting to the restricted food intake. After that you can reduce your portion sizes to facilitate weight loss again.

  • Do you have a view on yoghurts ? Are there any you can buy which are satisfying but low on sugar? I checked a load today and they seem very high in sugar percentage.

  • Low-fat, fruit yoghurt was tested for the insulin index and found to stimulate the release of high amounts of insulin (this is really detrimental to health!) despite their low Gi.

    I believe full-fat natural yoghurt has been tested, with much lower, moderate insulin results.

    Personally, I don't have a lot of yoghurt. We'll use it as an ingredient in curry sometimes, but for dessert I prefer to whip-up a little double cream for example.

  • Thanks very much.

  • I'm 5'2" too!

    Your meal plan sounds similar to mine. Today I've had apple pie porridge (recipe on this website), I've got a wrap for lunch with cheese, ham and homemade carrot coleslaw, fruit for snacks, and tonight I'd planned minted pea falafel with cous cous from the BBC Good Food website, but I've got to run straight to a meeting, so whatever I can fit in from Wetherspoon's en route I suppose...

    I think 1200 is probably the minimum rather than the maximum, so if you find you need to eat a bit more then I would, and then just work out the difference you need to burn to get a steady loss. I am happy with 1lb a week, so I aim to eat 11100 and try to burn 14600 over 7 days.

    This post from LessToLose I found really interesting about getting that difference and not feeling hungry healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

    Anyway, good luck!

  • Chin up and keep going; it will happen!

    Are you taking body measurements? You may find that this is a better way of seeing the change.

    Also, it does seem to matter where your calories come from so it is worth looking at your carb/fat/protein breakdown.

  • 1200 seems very low, I'm not on such a restrictive calorie allowance and you are actually taller than me and my *MINIMUM* allowance is just over 1400! It's only that low now but when I started it was actually just over 1500...which calculator did you use?

  • Agree that it seems a little low . . . And also that my weight varies a lot so a pound either way I wouldn't be worried 😊 There are lots of ways of measuring fat loss apart from the scales, (especially as you aren't that heavy) such as a tape measure and general energy levels/fitness. 😊

    Stick with it! Maybe eat a little more if you feel hungry, protein is good to fill you up 😊

    Good luck 😊

  • Ah yes, I didn't take into account her staring weight, I'm much heavier so my calorie allowance would be different. Well observed Anna61! :) :D

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