Exercise and commuting

This month the bus timetable in the evening has changed slightly meaning waiting around for an extra 15 minutes so instead of this today I walked the journey in 30 minutes instead and got there at the same time as the bus due to all the cambridge rush hour traffic a journey of 5 minutes can take up to 20 some days! (allthough did have a 15min head start on it!). So much nicer to walk than sat stuck in traffic, especially with all the trees beginning to look pretty and autumn-y. As long as weathers all good this will become a permenant thing!

Its a shame I cant do this for more of my commute as i then catch a train and then in the car to home. Had thought about cycling to the train station but roads are very busy to get there and i already leave the house at 6.30 not sure i can wake up any earlier!


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5 Replies

  • That was a great move. If you can continue doing it I'm sure you'll get great results. Good luck👏👏👏

  • Brilliant !! It's great when you can build your fitness into your daily working hours. I'm always trying to think of ways of doing that. You have give me encouragement to plan some walks. Thanks have a good day

  • I walk to the sports centre every weekday morning 35-45 minutes depending which sports centre I am going to. It's a good start to the day. After a good swim or a workout in the gym I usually walk back home. It has become part of my day and I miss it if for any reason I don't go.

  • that sounds great 😊. I had a meeting in town today so I parked out of town and walked to my meeting. Afterwards I walked all around town then back to where I had parked. Felt exhausted but really proud.

  • Well done on all that walking. Keep it up, it will get easier over time and you will be able to do more. I have been out walking with my husband today and we have walked about 7 miles.

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