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Warfarin Winter blues


I am a long term Warfarin user and will be on the drug for the rest of my life.

What I would like to know is :-

Does anyone else out there struggle with their blood INR when they eat healthy veg and Fruit?

If I exercise it also seems to affect my INR.

I follow a healthy diet, mostly fresh home cooked food. I cook low fat and low carb food as my husband is diabetic. I would say our diet is healthy and portion controlled.

I don't eat any one thing in excess . I watch my vitamin k intake.

However, my INR Yo Yo's as soon as I start a diet.

Has anyone else experienced this when starting a diet?

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Hi Micramon

I can't help with your problem as I'm not on Warfarin, but know it can be so hard to eat healthily for some people because of health problems.

Perhaps, if you haven't already, speak to your doctor about it. The only other suggestion I can make is to try omitting each food in turn, in the hope that you find the one (or two maybe) that cause your problem.

I do hope you find a solution soon 👍

Mouse 🐭

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Hi Mouse. Thank you. I will keep a food diary and see if I can make some headway.


Hi Macramon,

Like Anon-E-Mouse, I can offer no personal, or medical experience, but I wondered if this may be useful for you :)


All the best! :)


Although your husband needs to eat low carb, perhaps you need to eat more? Perhaps you have gone too low fat? I agree with the others, you need to talk to specialists about this.


Hi Penel

Good point! Maybe I need more carbs. I will increase them slightly. Fingers crossed.

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Have you tried appixaban i can eat healthy and workout with out any side effects see your doc before you try

good luck


Hi Geza10

I will read up on it. Many thanks for your suggestion.


Hi Micramon

I am also on Warfarin long term

I try to eat everything in moderation and keep away from kale!! Warfarin hates big changes. I stopped drinking wine and my INR levels went down to 1.5. Should be between 3 and 4.

I would suggest you speak to your doctor or the nurse monitoring your INR.

Best wishes



Hi Liz. Thank you for the advice. I drink wine in moderation, with a meal once or twice a month. I can take it or leave it. I second your observation though and realised quite quickly that wine can affect INR

I attend warfarin clinic every 8 weeks or more frequently depending on results.

I will watch the kale intake.

Just had a flu jab and that sent INR a tad crazy last year. Fingers crossed for this year.


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