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My WLNHS journey so far

Week 4 about to begin and I am not sure I will lose this week as I had a bit of a heavy weekend.

I feel like such a meanie if I say no to people, and don't want to be accused of being unsociable or boring. Something i need to fix.

I did make an amazing discovery though: the BBC Good Food website has a 'cheap and healthy' section that you can put the ingredients for straight into your online shopping trolley. I then went through the trolley moving down a brand of everything to make it properly good value. That I will pick up tonight.

Also wanted to use a bit of mayo for my wraps, so popped to Morrison's and also picked up some salad and veggies marked down to 9p each. Stood perusing the differences between brands and light/full fat varieties. Looked at the labels, and saw the cheap 41p stuff had roughly the same amount of calories and slightly lower sugars than the light versions (supermarket own brand and Hellmans) - plus contained free range eggs, so I bought that! Will just have to stop hubby eating through it in big spoonfuls at a time!

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Hello Wishus 😊

Interesting "I feel like such a meanie if I say no to people, and don't want to be accused of being unsociable or boring. Something i need to fix." this is a really difficult thing, 😕 We live in a society where cakes and alcohol are assumed to be "fun" and not partaking is taken personally!! I am usually "designated driver" which takes care of alcohol, and I tell a little white lie and say "I can't eat sugar" or "I have to be careful with sugar" or something along those lines, not totally untrue and usually works 😊

You are doing really well, and few treats now and again aren't going to make much difference in the grand scheme of things 😊

Good luck with week 5 😊


just about to do week 4, but thanks!

If only I could be Des... alas can't have that excuse as I don't drive! Sometimes I'll say, oh, I need to keep a clear head for something I need to do later, but that only seems to work on a school night!

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I agree Wishus and Anna61 - sometimes you do feel as if you are a party pooper not eating and drinking with everyone else. I used to have the problem around cakes at work, but then I started saying "I don't eat cake". That seemed to work after a while and I wasn't bothered by them.... colleagues would just say "don't bother offering Carol a cake, she doesn't eat cake" - problem solved! So I suppose you could eat what YOU wanted and just roll your eyes and say "phew, I'm totally stuffed now". Still joining in, but not in the same quantity. At the end of the day (football manager talk) it's your body and you can do with it what you like!


And then, yesterday afternoon one of my trainees gave me a Twirl as a present, and of course I ate it. It wouldn't make such a huge difference, but as I predicted I got hungrier yesterday evening (I don't just sit there, I'm working, so burning fuel), so I could have used those calories for toast, had the toast anyway, pushed my intake up to 1700.

Ah well.

This week, no inches lost. But I did lose a pound. Yay for the pound!

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I've got a horrible feeling that I've reached a week 3 plateau. My thinking is I've lost the really easy excess stuff and now it's the laid down weight that's been there for years..... still eating under the calories and walking, but will stick with it, it is a 12 week journey after all.

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Indeed!cDon't worry. Way I see it, it can't be plain sailing all the time.. or how would we then apply the principles to life on the other side of the 12 weeks?

Had 2 days of excess now, but still should have burned more than I consumed. Will give this a boost over the weekend and that should bring me back in line.


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