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8 weeks completed

Morning all 8 weeks completed and I feel amazing here's my post from weigh in hope you all had good week and good luck for next week 😄

Good morning all thankyou Lowcal for note on this mornings post means so much and as I said a Thankyou to all on here because for the first time ever I've never felt so motivated had another good week 3 1/2 lb off so that's 32lb altogether woohoo my running trainers will arrive tomorrow and I'm defiantly starting the c25k on Wed I feel I want to challange myself to this as I know it's something if I did achieve would be amazing never ever did I run any form of long distance so I'm going to give it a go I have now 2long days at work so that will keep busy! Hope you all had a good week

Onwards and Downwards 😄😄😄😄

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32 lbs is amazing 😀. Today I hit my stone and realised that means I have stopped carrying around the weight of a 4/5 month baby all the time. It is crazy 😜 I think you are brilliant for trying the couch to 5K I tried it in the summer and hurt my Achilles but I am determined to start again when it is healed. Be careful


Ah thank you its amazing what we can achieve when we put our minds to it keep up the good work onwards and downwards and in my case c25k forwards lol 😀


Hi Lizzy70,

It was an absolute pleasure to feature you today in our Congratulations section in the Monday group weigh-in - you are incredibly inspiring, and your progress and enthusiasm will motivate many other people, so thank you!

Fantastic that you've lost another 3.5 pounds this week, that is phenomenal!!! :-) Wow, 32 pounds in total!!! Really really great! Many Congratulations!!! :-)

Good luck with starting the C25K on Wednesday, I hope you'll really enjoy it. Hope you'll join in the Tortoise & Hare thread to post about your runs - that post is in the Pinned posts and moreless posts it weekly - great fun! :-)

Onwards and downwards!

Lowcal :-)

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You can do it Lizzy! I never thought I's be able to run 100 metres, never mind 5K and have amazed myself that I've now run 3 half marathons, less than 5 months after starting the C25K! :o

If I can do it, then anyone can and you're going to love it! :)

Good luck! See you on the Tortoise and Hare thread :)

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Ah thanks Moreless and lowcal see you there x


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