Crafty mini challenge

Crafty mini challenge

I feel very naughty slipping in like this having not been active or very committed to the group for the past few months. My twins have turned 3, I have turned 40 and I'm still pretty much exactly where I was with my weight loss the last time I posted.

I have been really busy making stuff and drawing so this challenge might just be the exact thing to get me back in the fold. To get reinvigorated, re-involved and re-inspired.

Here are the dresses I made for my twins birthday, some needle tatted barefoot sandals for me, a commissioned pencil drawing and a mermaid tail blanket I'm crocheting for my step daughter for Christmas …

Please may I join your challenge again, I'm really sorry for being such a slacker FizzyLiz xxx

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  • They a bumin FAB -U-LOUS. You are so talented.

    Your daughters are beautiful I can see they would be a huge distraction.

    Oh the dogs the Sandels it's all stunning.

    Well done you πŸ˜€

  • Thank you so much! Yes, my girls are a mental and physical distraction. They're 3 going on 13, so almost all of my work is done after they're in bed, otherwise they're finding ways to get up to no good 😊 haha x

  • Wait while they are olderπŸ˜‹

  • Love, love all of it! You are so talented some lucky people around you are going to gain from your gifts. 😊

  • Thanks Itsbab, this Christmas is definitely going to be a homemade Christmas!

  • I am on that too it's cheaper , keeps me busy and I love to see their faces when they open their gift. 🎁

  • Hi Bluewings,

    Wow, you are soooooo talented!!!! I love all those beautiful pictures - your twins look amazing in their gorgeous dresses. Wow, everything is fantastic!!!

    You are clearly NOT a slacker - you are very productive, creative and amazing! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal ,

    I'm mostly feeling like a slacker for neglecting this group, too many deadlines are playing havoc with my mind and organisational skills.

    I do miss you all so much though xx

  • It's great to have you back with us, Bluewings - we missed you too! :-)

  • Hi Bluewings how are you doing? It's been a while - great to see you!

    Your girls are gorgeous and you're so talented. Well done πŸ‘

  • Slowly getting back on track isou7000, thanks for your kind words! How are you and your tinies?

  • That's good to hear πŸ‘

    I'm the same lol

    Still here, not made loads of progress, but it's coming off here and there VERY slowly πŸ˜‰

    My tinies are good thanks.

    Take care and looking forward to seeing you around 😊

  • You are a very talented lady! I especially love the drawing, very impressive!

  • Thanks Caz28,

    Thankfully the recipient liked it too! It's so stressful doing things like this for others, it's much easier when you only have your own critique to worry about. πŸ˜‰

  • HOOORAYYYYY! Bluewings is back! YIPPEEE!

    Your drawing is amazing and your crochet and sewing -wow!

    Stay a bit longer this time :)

    (PS: Are you still running?)

  • Hi LessToLose

    Thanks for your kind words, unfortunately I'm not running, my knees are just not handling it. Every time I try I spend a week crippled by knee pain. Walking seems to be my lot for the minute. How are you gorgeous?

  • Sorry about the knees, that is a nuisance for you, but the walking will be doing you good anyway. I am on the injury couch myself, with a small stress fracture in one of my metatarsals and am very frustrated about it. Apart from that I am very well thank you!

  • I really love the sandals! Is there a pattern online for them at all? I'm learning to crochet just now, and looking for a lot of little projects like this.

  • They're not crocheted, its needle tatting. I found the pattern on Instructables, I'll see if I can find the link…

    I'm only learning too but loving it πŸ˜‰

  • Wow they are all great you are very talented x

  • Thank you paulapips64 xx

  • Hey Bluewings - so so lovely to see you back on the forum and more importantly back in the fold of my challenges

    What a beautiful montage :) Your twins look so happy in their outfits. Your step daughter will be over the moon with that mermaid tail.

    450 bonus points to you :D :D

  • Yippee, thanks so much FizzyLiz ! Will be trying much harder to put some kms behind me this week, so hopefully we'll be in NY in plenty of time for some Christmas shopping 😜


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