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Yesterday got an abs and arms work out in after 9pm after coming back from the henna night.

It was a pizza party so had one pizza slice and a hand full of chips , not the same anymore all I was dying to do was have a salad so later on went to a subway near my home n got a salad bowl, I'd never felt so happy and then got an arms and abs work out in.

So this morning woken up alittle after 10 and got a full body workout in and this time I've sweat 💦💦💦

I didn't yesterday so I got worried as I might of been doing them wrong but today I was so exhausted and sweated from those reps as if been drenched under the rain standing outside and I've never been so happy. If it was someone else they'd be winging but not me Strange right

So tonight I'm hoping to get another workout in for legs

I do find doing push-ups very difficult as my lower back feels as if it's about to go but I've no clue why that is as I sit and walk fine

I take the long way home when coming back from uni so I get my LISS then but even when I fell down the stairs I didn't have much difficulty, because I recently went flying down the stairs 😂 The reason for this emoji is that you can either cry bout the situation or laugh so I chose crying with laughter instead of just the depressing aspect to which is no good to anyone let alone the one who went flying and hit all 5 steps down

So yeah the push ups are quite difficult for me to do only coz of my lower back. I couldn't do burrpees and I'm so glad that I can coz I love them. Love the difficult workouts and hate the moderation ones thats why I dont do them n even when I started I didn't do them then, I find them so boring and need something to do on my feet. Even when starting out I never started as a beginner as I new what I wanted out of this 👍🏻

Love lifting weights but can only lift up to 6kg 😔

So now going for a late brekkie as my stomach is making funny noises so it's telling me it needs food pronto 😂 and seeing what's on Sunday tv , I'm hoping to get another workout in the evening and then a 600 rep challenge in by tonight



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Well done ! 😊 Glad you didn't hurt yourself when you fell, and good luck with you training 😊


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