Hello everyone. I'm a newby on here

I joined Slimming World a couple of years ago and lost 1st 4 lb in 5 months, bit of a slow rate loss I know, but I did feel and look better and could fit into clothes I'd not been able to wear for a long time. When I left the group I slipped back to my old habits, a biscuit here and there, an odd packet of crisps, an odd bun and slowly 7lb slipped back on. It's now time to take back control and get to my target of being 10st.

Just weighed myself and I'm 13st 4lb, that 7lb increase is still there. So here goes.... will weigh myself once a week, cut out biscuits and crisps, aim to exercise 60 mins a day, be it walking, gardening or on my exercise bike. Looking forward to being inspired by you all and if I'm successful, inspiring others.


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  • Welcome! You've discovered first hand the importance of planning to maintain in avoiding relapse healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

  • Hi Carolee2727,

    Welcome to the NHS Weight Loss forum :D

    You can find the NHS 12 Week Plan to the right of your screen - just click on the picture!

    Take a look at the right hand side of your screen (bottom if you're on a mobile device) at the 'pinned posts' area - here is a collation of various useful posts (such as the 'Welcome Newbie' post and challenges that are currently being run on the forum - take part in what ever you want to)

    In that 'Pinned Posts' section, there is also a collation of recipe ideas, they will always come in useful too :D

    The Monday Weigh In group is posted weekly, Zest and moreless, who are also our approachable site admins alternate the posting of the thread between them. There is a morning thread (if you weigh in between 06:30 until midday) and an afternoon/evening thread (from midday on Monday until 6pm on the Friday of that week).

    The topics section, underneath the 'pinned posts' area will give you all of the posts related to that topic - it's useful if you're looking for something specific! :)

    Finally, all that remains is to wish you a great first week on the forum!

    Best wishes,

    Rob :D

  • Thank you Rob. Looking forward to my weight loss and a healthier me :-)

  • You're welcome!

    That's great. I love being lighter! I was nearly 29st at 23 years old, last July! I'm just over 20st now :D

  • Wow that's incredible! Well done! Is that what that little '8 stone' is next to your name? How does that appear?

  • Thanks :)

    Yes, that's added at my request by Zest or moreless, you will be eligible for a 'Newbie' badge for your first 12 weeks here, if you want it, I'm sure one of the ladies will be more than happy to give it to you!

    Then once you have lost 7lb - it's possible to have a 7lb badge and so on - the list is endless!! :)

    Rob :D

  • That's brilliant! :-) Can't wait to tell my daughter about this site. It's like going to SW, which I did with her, but without the expense. Thanks again Rob, I feel motivated and raring to lose weight :-)

  • Great - best of luck!

  • Hello and welcome 😊 Wishing you and your daughter good luck! 😊

  • Thank you Anna x

  • Hi Carolee2727, I've just joined too. Best of luck!

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