Got there!

hi everyone

today I reached the target of a normal bmi - It has taken me 16 weeks (with 2 weeks off for holiday) and I am thrilled! however the real reason for starting this journey is yet to be measured - my high cholesterol not due to be measured until January so I continue with the plan. I am most pleased with my walking, I can now walk 10k at quite a brisk pace - when I started I had to stop and catch my breath every 10mins. I really enjoy the walks too which bodes well for continuing for as long as I am able. I am now hoping to enjoy my retirement more because I feel fitter, I know I fit into my clothes better and I generally enjoy life more oh and I have been able to reduce 2 different medications I was on. Target now - normal cholesterol levels, no mood enhancing medication and no omeprazole. BRING IT ON!!!!


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8 Replies

  • Woohoo marigold!!! WTG you!!! :D :D

    That's absolutely fandabitastical! Best of luck for your next goal!! :D :D :D

  • Hi Marigold,

    Many Congratulations on achieving your target of a healthy BMI. Fantastic!!! :-) Excellent that you are enjoying your walking too and can walk 10km at a brisk pace. Really well done! :-) Lovely that you're feeling fitter and enjoying the improved fit of your clothes. Wow, you've reduced your medications too - lots of great outcomes! :-)

    Would you like a 'Healthy BMI' weight loss badge? Just let either myself or moreless know, and we'd be happy to award you one, if you would find it motivating.

    Have a great week, and good luck with your remaining goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Brilliant marigold4. Don't forget to plan to maintain to avoid relapsing

  • What a fantastic achievement - well done you

    I had my cholesterol checked back in May and it was border line, I was advised to make some changes and go back in 6 months or so - I have given up smoking (which I am very proud of - 86 days now without, so no going back :) ) Now the plan is to start on the weight and fitness - so glad I found this site / forum

    Wishing you all the best and get out there and enjoy that retirement x x

  • Your post really put a smile on my face this morning and I can hear the joy in every word! Congratulations Marigold4 and isn't it amazing how we get added bonuses every now and again when we maintain differences in our lifestyle for even quite short periods of time? I love your goals by the way. Good luck with reducing your meds and I hope you have good news when you go for the cholesterol check.

    I have had more positive health benefits than I ever could have dreamed of since changing my own lifestyle in April/May this year. For me the biggie was being told I had normal kidney function a few weeks ago after suffering with stage 3 chronic kidney disease for the last two years - I didn't even know it could improve that much.

    I am starting to think that a healthy diet and exercise should be written on prescription. In fact I read a post just last week where someone's GP had cut out a leaf shape from a prescription pad and told her to turn it over (turn over a new leaf!) - what a truly fantastic GP x

  • I'm so happy for you! Well done! Your inspiring success is one of the reasons for me joining this site.

  • marigold4 that's brill you sound SO positive. Glad you are enjoying the walks hopefully they are now part of your regular routine. It would be fabulous if you could get off the meds for good. My 'good' cholesterol level is off the charts since I started to eat porridge or muesli daily.

  • What s lovely post! Very well done on your healthy bmi and especially reducing medication! 😊 Wishing you many happy years of retirement! 😊

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