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Newbie - Curtain-Mad

Good morning

I am new here found the site after eating healthily for the last week and totally disheartened that I had actually put weight on!!

Decided to search on the internet for an idea of diets to look at to see if I could work out where I had gone wrong (Not enough fibre in what I was eating I think) and found the Top Diets Review, which made great reading. Checked the BMI and ouch - Obese.

I then downloaded week one to have a look at and liked what I saw so downloaded the whole 12 week plan and then I went on to the 'Get fit with Strength and Flex' and completed the first workout.

We were having friends round last night so I decided to let myself have my last blast and eat / drink what I wanted. To my surprise when I logged it this morning I was still within the range (and not past the middle of the range) of Calories that the BMI calculator advised. Therefore if I can do that when not trying this is definitely the plan for me.

I plan on being good today and weighing in tomorrow morning before I head to work.

Things I know I will have to work hard to do to start with

- Trying to eat breakfast before I leave for work. - Today I will be making the Grab & Go Breakfast bar, so I have it ready for the week for any day I am running late and don't have time to do my eggs on toast etc.

- Make the pack lunch the night before or at least 3/4 of it and put in the fridge

I was drinking far too much coffee and for the last two weeks I have limited it to two mugs in the morning max before I go to work and then hot water either plain or with a squirt of lemon juice at work.

Thanks for reading if you got this far

Ooo forgot to add - I have stopped smoking 86 days ago - so now the focus is on the weight and fitness

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Hi curtain-mad,

Welcome to the NHS Weight Loss forum, this is a very supportive, inspirational and motivational place :)

It's also great that you've set out some targets/goals for yourself too. Please don't worry about that obese reading! I weighed 28st, 14 months ago and I was mortified. Once you get your head in the game of losing weight, you'll feel so much better :)

Take a look at the right hand side of your screen (bottom if you're on a mobile device) at the 'pinned posts' area - here is a collation of various useful posts (such as the 'Welcome Newbie' post and challenges that are currently being run on the forum) - take part in what ever you want to

In that 'Pinned Posts' section, there is also a collation of recipe ideas, they will always come in useful too :D

The Monday Weigh In group is posted weekly, Zest and moreless , who are also our approachable site admins alternate the posting of the thread between them. There is a morning thread (if you weigh in between 06:30 until midday) and an afternoon/evening thread (from midday on Monday until 6pm on the Friday of that week). So, tomorrow after you weigh before work, if you wish, you can share that weight with us and you will recieve a reply! :)

The topics section, underneath the 'pinned posts' area will give you all of the posts related to that topic - it's useful if you're looking for something specific! :)

Finally, all that remains is to wish you a great first week on the forum! :)

Best wishes,

Rob :D


Rob has given you a lovely welcome to the forum and I just wanted to second everything he said. It really works being on this plan and I know you will be successful. Giving up smoking is brilliant and will benefit you in so many ways. Good luck xxx


Hi Curtain-Mad,

Welcome! Congratulations on stopping smoking 86 days ago, that is fantastic!!! :-) Good luck with all your goals, and hope you'll enjoy this forum and participate in anything you like the look of - there's lots going on, and you'd be really welcome to join in - maybe see you at the Monday group weigh-in, if you fancy the idea of a weekly weigh-in!

Lowcal :-)


Hello and welcome! Very well done on stopping smoking, that's really tough. 😊 This forum is great with loads of motivating stories. 😊 Good luck with the 12 week plan

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i have to take my brekky to work most morning so i have 75grams of oats in 250 ml of milk 1 table spoon of greek yogurt wisk it all up add some berrys leave in the fridge over night yum yum

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