Why do I always want what I can't have?

The psychology of weight control is fascinating to me.

I do really well some weeks and then there are days like one day last week when I see a box of unusual chocolates - no longer a part of my healthy eating except in very small quantities....and then it was in my trolley, and now it is in my kitchen cupboard.

On the plus side, I have been somewhat restrained, haven't eaten the whole box in one go as I used to, but have had half a dozen in one day which ruined that day's calorie quota.

Why did I buy them? Why am I eating them? Why have I not chucked them in the bin or given them away? Why do I feel I should be allowed to have these in my cupboard? It is that little devil in my head saying a little of what you fancy etc......but is that the beginning of bigger problems I wonder.


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17 Replies

  • I feel your pain completely! It is so hard. It also doesn't help when chocolate etc is so much cheaper than some healthy foods! Xx

  • Is your theoretical concept incomplete? Are you underestimating the force of hormones in regulating homoeostasis?

    I think many people for instance have a subconscious association between chocolate and the much needed fat they deny themselves.

    Do you appreciate fully the toxicity and addiction of fructose?

    At least you've identified that something's not right; is that sufficient to motivate you to do something different?

  • Hi DD

    What's done is done. You just have to learn from it and move on.

    We all have weak moment's your not on your own by far. Otherwise no one would be overweight.

    Fresh start today no more chocolate as my mother would say you've had your quota.

    You have done so so well 3 stones. You need to think about the hard work you have put it getting to where you are and put the same effort in to not buying a large amount of chocolate ie a box! Maybe buy a bar -damage limitation protected in your unguarded moments.

    I nearly bought cake yesterday from seeing it walking towards it I had planned in my head how I could work it in to my daily calories I could have a little piece - however I left it on the shelf. But it just shows we are all human.

    Enjoy your Sunday 😀

  • I'm like this with wine. I know a little wine is fine but tend to buy a full size 75cl bottle and then I keep coming back for another glass. I think although it's hard the only answer is to buy treats like this in single portions e.g. those little 25cl wines bottles, or you could buy mini choc treats?

  • I am fighting a losing battle not to eat sweet things which I know are part of the reason I wake up with headaches each morning.I'm not a stupid person so why do I continue to be so silly?.Its no wonder I can't lose weight.😬

  • You (and I) can lose weight ....these moments are few and far between, and we have to work out ways of dealing with our state of mind that makes us feel we need these totally unnecessary foods! We can do it! I have gone for at least 24hrs without chocolate and only spent 10 mins giving in to temptation yesterday so I count that as "winning" the battle! Praise yourself up for your strong moments and don't look back....feel much so more in control today.

  • You're just human. We don't have super resistance skills when it comes to things that taste nice. Learn from the experience and move on. You have done so well that it won't matter in the long run. Perhaps have some really expensive dark chocolate in the cupboard, the sort you can't eat much of, in case of emergency situations. Xx

  • It's funny isn't it how some things draw us like a moth to a flame.

    When I was little my grandad used to take me to the shop and treat me to not just 1 bar of chocolate but 2 and I thought this is nice a treat just for me, at home I was allowed anything upto a point.

    My friends parents kept her strictly on no snacking between meals and sweets only on a rationed basis, hasten to add she is so much better than me sticking to her eating regime and never snacks unlike me, I still do but have stopped the sugary stuff for nuts, veg and fruit.

    Just have 1 each evening with my your mum and a cuppa to wind down after all your days hard work.

    Have a brill Sunday 😊

  • Sorry your mum,

  • Hi DD,

    I know exactly how you act and feel, it is also my biggest downfall. I'm ok for a while and then 'treat' myself, it a sharp slippery slope down or should I say up( weight gain! ) from there.

    A few days ago I read a post or reply from moreless and she mentioned ditching sugar and processed stuff. Thinking on this I did a bit of further research and did a 'sugar adddict' questionnaire and was really shocked at the results and how ' hooked' I am!!.

    This week I am working really hard to start reducing my sugar intake and have gone back to fully reading labels and not just calorie content. I do believe I have an addiction and for me the only way is to not have !! no matter how hard 😕

    It's a hard one but we will keep battling and winning 😃


  • I have a problem with my liver.Don't know exactly what yet,but my first thought was (I bet it has something to do with to much Sugar.) I kept away from sweet things for three days and then slowly slipped back into bad habits.Old habits are hard to break.

  • Yes, sugar is truly addictive! Fructose causes fatty liver. Small amounts of low Gi carbs such as sweet potato along with non starchy vegetables at meal times will prevent glycogen dipping.

  • It's so difficult resisting. I think that's why I decided to cut out nothing but include everything in the count. I don't think Icould survive without my wee choccy treats!

  • Ah, but real double cream or cheese provide the mouth-feel without the harmful sugar and additives.

  • I don't say no to these either. I love cheese!

  • I still have those moments, I have Aldi choc ( the mr Roth bars) , where you get 5 mini bars in a pack, I can just have 1, I just try and should sweet stuff when out, it's tough tho.

    Maybe save some money from your choc free days

  • You've got my sympathy and understanding.......... I find it hard and I feel 'deprived' not putting biscuits and cakes and chocolates in my trolley, 'other people' buy and eat them so why can't/shouldn't I ??!?!?! The answer is, they exercise portion control; I don't, simple as ....... if I buy a pack of biscuits, I eat a pack of biscuits same with chocolate etc. Where is my magic switch ???? others seem to have when they naturally will only eat say, two biscuits at a time, or just the one cake...... my inner 'STOP' mode just doesn't kick in ???? Long and short of it is, the sweetie/chocolate store we have is now in a box with a lock believe it or not so I can't get at it, husband has the key...... if I want to be bad or really craved something I could always pop to my local shop, 1 minute away and buy something, but I don't.... I'm happy because the goodies aren't visible and certainly not easy to get at, it's been a big help for me...... I wish wish wish I could be like other people and have 'a little of what you fancy' but I can't so there it is..... if I want to be healthier that's the deal.... it ain't easy love but you're trying ! think of all the times you didn't buy chocolates or biscuits or whatever and try not to dwell on the one time you did...... negativity against ourselves in this weight loss battle isn't helpful to you, on the contrary ....... sending you love and understanding and sympathy xxxxxxxx

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