Treats, parties and portion control

Yesterday was a big family get together with my husband's family, very much centred around food and drink. It was a fabulous day, 13 of us, 6 "adults", seven cousins (9-27 years) and four dogs. The day starts with massive fry up but I had my usual porrige with fruit to set me up for the day after dog walk number one. Lunch was delayed but I resisted the crisps and nibbles, but really enjoyed my roll, cold meat and salad. My treat was small helping of full fat coleslaw! Second long dog walk and an afternoon of boozing, nibbles and games. Being designated driver I had fizzy water but still laughed and had great fun. Chinese take-away in the evening and I had one moderate plateful. . . unheard of!!! Then karaoke and dancing until I fell into bed exhausted. Just a lovely, fun-filled, happy family day. My point? I have finally realised that you can have fun and enjoy life without over eating!!! Yippee :-) :-) :-) happy days <3


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11 Replies

  • Brilliant! I bet other people were managing not to overeat too but it wasn't necessarily obvious who was and who wasn't. Particularly impressed re sticking to fizzy water and not even having a small drink :)

  • Well done Anna glad u had a lovely time :)

  • Preservatives in sausage and bacon mean they need to be eaten infrequently, otherwise a little fry up with lard and butter is good :-)

  • I used to have a grilled full English every week, with a good friend, now I tend to have either dry cure bacon, or butchers sausages, ( OK chipolatas) about once or twice a week!

    I never stress over it, not drinking or smoking

  • Yes. I do like a cooked breakfast but knew I had a heavy day ahead! 😊

  • Glad you had a fab day and weren't you good? ⭐️ Just goes to show most things in life are free, family, friends and a good walk with your canine friends.

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday best wishes Bev 😊

  • Absolutely Bev 😊❤️😊

  • And bonus you don't have the hangover it is win win. Glad you had a good day 😀

  • Sounds like a great time was had ,nice to hear your story .

  • Great you were very disciplined , moreso than me. I am in north wales this weekend for a family party , and although I totally avoided the pastry items in the buffet ( had the ham and salad stuff) , I'm afraid I did consume a bottle of red ....feel a bit rough this morning 😕

  • great post, I agree with you too.

    we can and must enjoy life even when trying to lose weight!

    onwards and downwards

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