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I am 69, obese, eat a lot of healthy and sone unhealthy food. Not good at portion control. Husband not interested in healthy food. I sweat a lot and hate it. I have just gone back to swimming twice a week but l am not a fast swimmer and can only do breast stroke. I am birderline type 2 diabetic. I am on 150mg Venlefaxaine for depression in the past, would like to reduce it but doctor does not encourage me even though it is 7 years since l was badly depressed and anxious. I think the pills dont help my weight problem. I try to take a brisk 2 mile walk once a week. I am an active person, lots of hobies, eat out a lot with friends, l have been to weight watchers in the past and other weight loss groups. I am sick of my thin friends tellibg me l am killibg myself by being over weight. I am not stupid and l am not in a hurry to die. Help!!

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ConcernedAmbassador in reply to Hidden

They look like adverts charging for a scheme?

These are free

Heya. Youve come to right place! Welcome. Have you downloaded the 12 week plan?

I am also obese and even though i ate mostly healthily, i ate too much food, and too many junk foods ontop of that.

I used to be on meds for depression that made me gain alot of weight. Fortunately im on different ones now that are much better (citalopram). Can you ask your doc for an alternative anti-depraasent that is weight neutral?Or as you say, maybe ask if you can try coming off them. If you do, make sure you monitor your moods over the next year, as sometimes your mood can drop even 6 months later. Hopefully youll be fine though, especially if its been 7 years.

Well done for the swimming and walking- thats brilliant.

I recommend the 12 week plan, calorie counting using an app like nutracheck (£2 per week but very user friendly) or my fitnesspal (free), and visiting this forum lots, for motivation. Its taken me longer than id like but i have lost 5lbs so far, and am actually sticking to it! Ive got alot to lose and it will take years, but because im not suffering on a traditional 'diet', and im losing slowly, im finding i CAN maintain it without superhuman effort.

Best of luck, im sure you will have lots of success.

😊🍏🍓 x

Thank you.

Hidden3 stone

It would be worth getting thyroid blood tests done and posting the results on Thyroid uk website, even if the doctor says they are normal as thyroid problems are often missed by GPs. I have been advised by bariatric service psychologist to learn some mindfulness and I do find it helps me with portion control. I am now losing weight and have also been helped by myfitnesspal app or website. It has helped me eat normally. Also in the past I have found overeaters anonymous very helpful

lawson69 in reply to Hidden

Sounds very helpful, thanks.

Hello. The good news is that you are only borderline diabetic so this is a potentially reversible situation. Have you tried a calorie counting app? I am using one and have been amazed that the calories i eat at the weekends when eating with friends are completely undermining my good work during the week. Well done on walking 2miles a week. Could you do that more often? Again, the apps calculate your calories used in exercise and I have found that a really good motivation. Weighing your food as you are cooking it helps with portion control as can the eatwell plate though I think that is too expensive. Good luck. This change you want can happen.

Thanks for encouragement.


I agree with ablinohedgehog that the nhs 12 week plan is great and really manageable as you can eat what you like so long as you stick to your calorie allowance. I use the myfitnesspal ap which is free and very easy to use. It counts all the calories and also calculates how man cals you have used up doing exercise.

Good luck, you can do this!

lawson69 in reply to Seuzan

Thank you.

lawson69 in reply to Seuzan


Take no notice of 3 week diet adverts etc. Welcome newbie

Itsbab4 stone

HI and welcome lots of good advice given to you already, as you are and can be quite active it's just about the right foods and portion control, as others have said the 12 week plan is good and helps educate. I am on week 23 (re doing it and indeed will do again as I have a lot to lose about 6 stone but if I can lose 5 then I will be happy.

This is the only new lifestyle that has worked for me as you are in charge, ou can look on here for advice and inspiration and there are so many stories of success to motivate you.

Your husband isn't into healthy eating mine wasn't too but actually now he pops into Aldifor a pre packed salad for lunch and has joined in with my evening meals says he feels better for it so little good habits can be picked up along the way.

Give it a go what have you got to lose just weight I think and pop back on here if you need help or just to offer advice to others we all need some every now and again.

Log everything you eat all has calories, up the steps/exercise a little, drink lots of water, weigh in is Monday's and a link is put on am and pm. Join in any challenges you can but most of all do it for you for a healthier, fitter you it's only a few months away.😊

Best wishes Bev

lawson69 in reply to Itsbab

Thank you. You are right l must do it for myself. I have to find the willpower to say no and cope with friends who all think their one bit of cake won't matter!! I have said to them it is like offering an alcoholic a drink but they do not want to help just think l have to do it all myself.

Itsbab4 stone in reply to lawson69

When I started my journey on May 19th this year I was feeling depressed and had never felt so low due to many family issues and bereavement but like yourself I found this site, told every person I knew what I was doing and also told them not to offer me rubbish foods and started on the 12 week plan. Yes I do have treats, I had birthday and wedding cake etc but not often. I am now looking at what's in our food and I tell you it's shocking really so now my supermarket shop takes a little longer and I actually cannot believe how I used to put so much rubbish in my trolley.

Since I started I have lost 2.11 stone as of last Monday so you see it can be done but more than anything I feel fitter I can now run a bit where as before going up hill walking got me gasping.

Together we can do this, be strong and if your friends don't like you not eating cake so what let them eat it, then have to burn those calories off.

Go for it join in the winter solstice challenge there is about 10 weeks left so imagine how much weight you could lose by then.⭐️👍😊

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier in reply to lawson69

There are some excellent recipes for lowfat/low sugar cakes - try experimenting and offering these to your friends at coffee mornings etc; you might start a new trend in who can prepare the healthiest cakes and snacks!

Alternatively, take a piece.... and then when no one is looking, wrap it up and take it home for the husband!

Along with the 12 week plan, have a look at The Blood Sugar diet from Michael Mosley for some good ideas on food and avoiding type 2 diabetes.

Weighless2 stone

I am 69 and until about 2 years ago I was overweight and tried many times to lose a couple of stone to get to a healthy weight without any success. I also used a Michael Mosley diet, The Fast Diet (or 5:2) diet and it worked brilliantly for me. I have lost just over 2 stone and have kept it off for some time now, I am now trying to lose another half stone. I only swim breast stroke and not very fast but it is exercise, I also go the gym and I walk a lot. There are many diets/eating plans and once you find the right one for you the weight will go and there will be a new you. With the help of this site you will be successful.

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