This is me:

I am going to put another post on the 'all things weight loss' section about my weight and actually how to lose it etc but just thought I'd introduce myself as the title suggests.

I am 44, married, no children and a cat.

I have had a stressful few years and, having lost my dad and my mum having a stroke, this year we have sold our house and mum has sold hers and we have all moved in together.

She was very lucky with her stroke and she is still independent but us all living together just helps me to relax a little more and not be quite as anxious about whether she is ok (she did have a fall and couldn't raise help and was there for 10 hours).

So, all is good.

I am a tax adviser which I have now dropped to part time but I keep my hand in and I have a business where I help all manner of people with whatever it is that drains their time. Admin support for a solicitors practice, shop cover for a small local contemporary furniture shop, 'caretaker' for a storage and office units facility, as well as doing errands for busy people such as dry-cleaning runs, trips to the cobblers or seamstress, getting new watch batteries or jewellery repairs.

As you can see I am always on the go - couple that with having a very good but stressful (trying to fit it in) social life which also equals lots (and lots) of eating out and not much time to plan and prepare when I do stay in.

I am also a qualified reflexologist and indian head masseur - I like to keep things varied - I love each week being different and I don't do routine - but maybe I should because I never know whether I'm coming or going.

This week as I have started getting my weight loss head on I have also upped the exercise so have found time to do a yoga class (novice), 2 short yoga sessions at home (Down Dog app - brilliant) and last night I had a private tap dancing lesson.

Just off out for a quick walk round the block and when I get back I will post my weigh problems on the other area - hope I haven't frightened you all way and there may be some help out there. :) :)



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1 Reply

  • Wow, you sound quite the dynamo, and you said in your other post you are not very active?! I feel tired just reading this list!

    One part stood out, about your mum, my Dad is 84 and although he lives with my mum he has falls and we cannot lift him by ourselves, so I know what a worry it is.

    All the other stuff you do sounds so interesting, I love Indian head massage!

    I hope you will enjoy using this forum. It is so helpful and people here are lovely and friendly. You can get sound help and advice on all sorts of things. It looks like you need to sort yourself out with a strategy, especially with all the eating out. Lot's of places, (mainly chain restaurants like Pizza Express etc) do a few lower cal options, which are a great help. If you are eating at an independant restaurant, they should be able to give you an option with more veg, or less creamy sauce if you ask. I guess you need to do more homework and research on this.

    Give yourself bit of time to work things out. Maybe start keeping a food diary? I do this especially when I started, it helps you to see your eating habits more clearly. Then you can target where to make the changes you need.

    Anyway, I have probably rambled enough! Wishing you all the best!

    Ruby8 :-)

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