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Hello I'm new and just found and downloaded the NHS 12 week weight loss plan. My BMI is 28.5 and I need to lose 1.5 st. This weight gain has been gradual but the last 1/2st was in the last month due to inactivity following surgery. I've been in this situation before about 15 years ago but this time it seems more scary due to age related stiffness of joints and retirement resulting in a lack of motivation, but I'm determined to do it and my first goal is to lose some weight for a mini holiday to Portugal in December.

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First of all, a very warm welcome to the forum. I think it is fantastic that you have set yourself a goal to lose weight for your holiday and I wish you luck with that. Take a look at the welcome newby pinned post and you are very welcome to join in with any of the challenges. I hope to see you around the forum. Xx


Thank you for your kind welcome. It is a little daunting joining a new group but it's also nice to have the support of people who are on the same journey. I'm still trying to navigate around the site but I'm sure I'll work it out eventually :-) xx

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Don't be daunted here. It is OK not to know but NOT OK to not ask. No such thing as a daft question here. You are among friends , like minded individuals who want the same end result. Xx


Hello and welcome 😊 You have a great motivator in your holiday to look forward to 😊 Best wishes


Thank you. My partner put me onto the 12 week plan so we're doing it together with the same goal in mind!


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