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3/3 days on track

After a mad weekend I'm on my way back with 3/3 days totally in my calorie allowance - 5 left for today! And back to the gym with a double session tonight - Kettle Bells followed by Pilates.

Hoping my efforts will make up for the considerable amount of time I've spent in my car this week for work. Certainly feel healthier and the skin on my elbows has become smooth again. Think I must be eating enough fats to be healthy and getting the right vitamins/fatty acids. Been following the Eatwell Guide which advises a small amount of heart healthy oils, whereas previous diets I've done seem to strip out all the fat completely.

Onwards and downwards!!!

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Hi Sportygirl,

Fantastic that you're enjoying it and keeping on track. Glad you're feeling healthier and you've noticed an improvement in your skin as well.

Onwards and downwards!

Lowcal :-)


Well done you! It's hard to be 100% 😊 Have a good rest of the week 😊


Isn't it nice to have bonus side effects like that too - keep on going :)


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