The World Health Organisation recommends we have less than 25g of "free sugar" a day. That's not very much at all. There's 4g in a teaspoonful. I think that would be a rounded teaspoon not a level one. I've been trying to achieve this but it is sooo difficult.

By "free sugar" they mean plain sugar, and sugar added to food, and the sugar in fruit juice. And those fruit shakes made in blenders with ice. And honey too.


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8 Replies

  • Hi Thingy,

    Well done for working on it - there is sugar in so many products - I found I had to make my own stir-fry sauces to enable me to cut down on it - they were particularly sugary (the shop bought sauces).

    Taste buds do adapt over time though, and I hope you'll find it easier as time goes on.

    Wishing you a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • So thats only 6.25 teaspoons a day which is especially hard with all the hidden sugar in soup, sauces and things like baked beans and some low fat products!

    Well done for trying to cut down sugar :-)

  • Thanks for pointing that out. It's good to know.

  • This is really tough, but as lowcal says your taste buds will change after time . . . 😊

  • On the plus side, naturally sweet things like fruit start to taste like candy.

  • Ive noticed since reducing sugar Ive started liking apples which I used to hate!

  • My friend has just bought a Nutribullet. She's hoping to kick-start her dieting with it. I won't mention the sugar thing. Not yet.

  • I have cut all added sugar from my diet and make all meals from scratch, often bulk cooking and freezing. Any ingredient listed that ends in 'ose' stay clear of, that includes milk fructose which has so much sugar in, I use Alpro soya light milk instead. Once you start reading food labels it is easy to reduce your sugar intake, it is frightening really to see how much sugar is added to our food. Good luck :)

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