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Love eating healthy

Love eating healthy

I love eating healthy , I just do

Tiday having my dinner late as I just have t felt to hungry

I had something to eat later on in the day and now eating something that will fulfill that hunger

Made salmon using mingle spices

Half a red pepper

With one egg scrambled in with one OldelPaso mini flour tortilla wrap today

82 kcal

1.4g fat

0.3g saturates

0.6g sugar

0.28g salt

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Looks lovely, and salmon, mmmm :)

A tasty snack that keeps you going. I tend to eat some fruit, yes, I know it has sugar, but it has to be better than biscuits or chocolate :D

The last wrap I had was with prawns, lettuce and low fat mayonnaise - unbelievably scrumptious but high in calories 😜

Well done you for controlling your calorie intake and choosing healthy food 👍

Mouse 🐭

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Ibalsobeatbfruot but the sugar is natural sugar. I usually get the £1.85 from sainsburys with melon, orange melon and grapes or from greggs the grape pot

I hate mayonnaise or any kind of mayonnaise or even any kind of sauce I'm very plain actually 😊

I used to eat just one sauce and now just been out of it

Salmon is really good and the tortilla wraps are nice to but I have feeing that I'm gaining weight I just have this feeling even when I'm not.

I've been told constantly by my sister I'm just being silly but you get that feeling don't you

I'm ibsessed with working out

Even when I'm not well all I want to do is wor work work workout

As I've been losing weight I feel happy so happy that j don't want to jeopardise that and to me that means torturing myself I don't care but I'm making sure I do it the healthy and proper way so listening to my body is a key ingredient when it comes to that 😊

Just trying to make sure I'm doing good Nd everything I do is going in the right direction n properly

I work so hard so I want results but I know it doesn't work thy way

Sorry that was me going on a rant as usual 😊

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That's the best thing about this forum, if you feel the need to have a rant, its OK :) We understand and its better to let it out than keep it inside and let it fester. I also feel that I've gained weight (when I haven't), and some days feel quite fat!

As for working out, I'm afraid I am so lazy, its hard to make myself just go for a walk, although I have done two miles today. And listening to your body - that, in my opinion, is the most sensible thing to do.

Carry on eating healthily (and calorie count), you will lose weight, that's what I tell myself :D

Good luck 🍀 and don't stress, it may take time, this is not a race, its a change to healthy eating for life 😃

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