Hello Forum Peeps!

I'm new here... I used to go to Weight Watchers when I got to a stone overweight and was teetering above my slim-line goal when my friend, the leader left, so I left too. Mind, I was doing all right, managing my weight, pootling along. Then POW! My dad had a work accident earlier this year, bad injuries, lots of hospital time, and I seemed to find comfort in chocolate and cider for some reason as I coped with all the stress. Fast forward to end September, and I am horrified to say, I plug in my stats onto the NHS website in the BMI calculator and it comes back red. Not fuzzy orange. RED. Obese!? How can this be?! I was nearly at goal before!

I needed Jessie Pavelka or Chris Powell to come and help me save my life, but, sadly, I only had my hubbie, who is on this journey with me and trying the Change 4 Life recipes, though we're already getting quite fed up with them as they're hardly Jamie Oliver classics... easy, though, and fairly inexpensive.

I thought I'd reach out to some friends on Facebook, all fellas, who are also trying to lose weight, but it seems they've found some psycho guru who is putting them on a diet regime so strict, it makes Beyoncé's maple syrup nonsense look sensible. Apparently they are only allowed 3 meals a day that can fit into their palms. My hands remain tiny, so no way could I cope with that! I have bid them good luck and turned to the 12 week plan and you, oh NHS weight loss forum people.

I am poised to start week 3 after a disastrous splurge-tastic weekend that I have been sensible about and just put behind me, and know I am back where I was already. Official weigh in tomorrow... will I have moved on from the 2.5lb and 2 inch loss so far? It's a weight-and-see-scenario!

Anyway hello... I am Wishus, 43, no kids alas, 2 cats, 3 adorable nephews; a very busy lady who loves books and wine. And sleep. And running, when my knees aren't twinging.


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  • Hi Wishus,

    A very warm welcome to the forum! We have a recipe collation post in the Pinned posts area - you need to click on 'view more' to see it though, and there are also quite a few posts in the Topic of 'Recipes/Meals/Snacks' so do have a look at those.

    Our Welcome Newbie post is definitely worth a read, full of tips and motivating comments from past and present members.

    I'm just dashing off now, but I wanted to welcome you!

    Have a great week. Hope to see you around and about in the forum, and do join in with any Challenges that you like the look of - maybe the Monday group weigh-in sessions, if you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in?

    Lowcal :-)

  • Brilliant, thanks, Lowcal!

  • Bin the wine (but only for a week or 2). Think that was my downfall. I too suffer from lack of decent recipes (I always cook from scratch) but am punishing myself by not buying any more cook books. The internet must be full of them anyway. I have a Leith book that personally is too meat based for me, but did splurge on a very low cal beef dansak- I'll send you the recipe if you want. Just had a rather stodgy, but tasty chicken and prawn jambalaya... only 400 kcal- recipe's yours too if you'd like. Good luck with your weight loss, certainly sounds as if you can achieve it.

  • Jambalaya sounds awesome - yes please to that!

  • Hi there, welcome to the forum and good luck. :)

  • Heya, welcome! Wishing you lots of success. ☺

  • Hello and welcome 😊 Loved your post, made me smile about 3 palm sized meals!! Lol 😊

    You sound as if you are doing well. 2 1/2 lbs /2 inches well done! 😊

    If it helps, I save up calories for the weekend to have a few treats and a drink 😊

    Good luck 😊

  • Thanks! I have to say, the fella guiding my mates isn't really a psycho, but someone who found something that works for him. It's just way too extreme for me, food-wise... whereas I think he'd balk at how generally active I am. 1.5miles walk each way to work, every day! Plus I try to squeeze in a bit more. I have a fitbit and try to aim for 14K steps a day.

    Unfortunately, not up to running at the mo, as knees are too painful. But every little helps, right?

    Weighed in again today, and that's another 1.5lbs lost and 0.25 inches off the waist, woo hoo!

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