10 mile walk

10 mile walk

Hello all! Been a bit MIA lately, just busy with work and not losing anymore weight so I felt a bit defeated. Funnily enough a painful wisdom tooth has stopped me in my tracks and I am back losing weight again 👍 living off soup and weetabix at the moment though, here.

Anyway, my sister and I walked out to Sandwood Bay at the weekend with the dogs, 10 miles in total we did. Poor dogs were shattered but it was great. Took so many photos as it was a gorgeous day.

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  • That looks like a fantastic place to walk and I bet the dogs loved it as well! :D

  • Love the NW beaches 😊 Looks fab, glad you enjoyed and the pounds are coming off 😊😊😊

  • What a beautiful place to walk you are lucky and well done ten miles is some walk :)

  • Hi Osiris,

    Welcome back! Wow, what a beautiful photo! Lovely scene. Really lovely!

    I hope your painful wisdom tooth settles down and gives you some respite from the pain! Hopefully you can get some suitable treatment very soon...

    Great that you enjoyed that lovely walk on such a glorious day.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

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