CHALLENGE - Walk to Mordor

CHALLENGE - Walk to Mordor

Alright guys, time to post your stats! Sorry I'm a day late, been a little forgetful! I will update this post with last week's stats once I'm at my desk in work.

Cheers guys!

Okay, here is the edit:

If you're just reading this post, please go to: and give it a read! New comers are always welcome, no matter how far we've walked. Its all about the motivation!

I can do Tuesdays, if that's easier for everyone, I don't mind either way. :)

So the leader board is as such:

E1l2v3i4s5: 111.8 Miles

AlamosSara: 77.3 Miles

Marylou54: 63 Miles

MissisB: 44.2 Miles

Geekydee: 43.2 Miles

Quinntuppance: 35.4 Miles

Anna61: 34.7 Miles

I didn't recieve any stats from Eveningart So their distance remains at:

Eveningart: 11.8 Miles

I also still haven't recieved any weekly stats from tidirhin2548, I hope they're okay!

And JaySeeSkinny has decided to join the fellowship and will be adding stats to this post hopefully!

Congratulations to everyone for stomping that pavement, I'm super proud of you all! You definitely are helping to keep me motivated!

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16 Replies

  • Good morning! This week saw me fall behind a bit due to several dangerous adventures encountered along the road ;-) so only managed 30 miles. Hope I'm not at the back of our little troupe...... :-) Tuesday is a good day for me to be posting by the way - do you think you might be able to change it Quinntuppance?Have a good week! :-)

  • I hope they weren't too dangerous and you're alright! Make sure to stay safe when stomping the pavement, we don't want any nazgul attacks!

    Keep up the good work, doesn't matter if you travelled 1 or 100 miles, as any mile is progress! (and you're definitely not at the back!)

  • Thank goodness for that - I watch all those adventures and know what happens to the one at the back.... no worries Evengart - am sure you'll be fine! ;-)


  • Morning. Bit prompter posting this week, now I am back in 3G-land. Walked 28.94 miles last week. Hoping to catch up with some of you by next week. :)

  • Glad to hear that! Welcome back to the land of mobile signal and good luck this week!

  • Agree that Tuesday is better as it's much quieter 😊

    I've had a good week exercise wise, just short of 30km walking and 20km cycling 😊

    Mordor here we come 😊

  • Nice distance, keep it up! We shall destroy the one ring!

  • Heya, this week I managed 28.36 miles :)

  • Good distance this week, keep up the great work! :)

  • I had a lot of catching up to do as you were so far ahead of me (plus I got distracted by a field of mushrooms!) so I managed 54 miles this week. Hope that brought my little hobbit legs a bit closer to you all!

  • hi I've done 51.62 miles a little down on last week I think but will try harder this week :)

  • As promised my mileage from 20.9 up to beginning of October was 116 miles. I had some time off and did a fair bit of hiking. I hope that gets us well on track to Rivendell.

  • Hi. Here are my results for this week. I have walked 78.87 kms.

  • Hello, a very technophobic shy retiree here, who loves Tolkien and walking but health issues and pressure of little free time as I am a carer means it will take me forever to get to Mordor, but can you please help me sign up for this challenge, I really like this idea of a target to aim for. Thanking in advance for any help. Xx

  • Hey Moogie1mum! Its super simple, just follow me, and each week I'll post a new post for everyone to reply to. All you gotta do is put down how far you've walked in either km's or miles and I add it to a spreadsheet and post a little leader board! Simple as!

    I hope it gives some motivation and welcome to the fellowship!

  • Hello Quintuppence and thank you so much for your reply. As you can see I don't go online very often,but this may be just the spurt I need to go online more regularly! Last week I completed around 24,000 steps over the week, as I didn't get out walking with friends at all. This week so far, I did 23,894 yesterday, as well as 5000 at my Zumba class, would that count on my journey? Ill remember to post each Tuesday, sincerest thanks for your help. It really is lovely of you. Xxxx

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