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Fat but Seriously Fit

After over ten years on thyroxine for hypothyroidism I'm still fat. My treatment dose is correct in terms of blood results but I find it very difficult to lose weight. As a result of trying I have become insanely fit. Today I managed my 400m swim in 6mins 45secs. I've just been checking on triathlon forums to see where this time lies in the scheme of things and find healthy young men aspiring to achieve 400m in under 7.5 mins. So not a bad time for a fat 50 something woman. Shame I can't run (old leg injury ).

I've been trying to lose weight by eating as late as possible in the day (at the suggestion of my endocrinologist ) so that my eating hours are restricted to noon till 9pm.

We'll see how things go.

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Good luck! I hope it works well for you. Being so fit must be a great boost for your health. 👍☺


This is very inspiring! I'm also on levothyroxine, since the age of 27, (9 years and counting) and I find weight loss slow and painful. My goal next year is a sprint or standard triathlon and I dream of covering 400m in that time! I also found out last year that I have PCOS, which was a real surprise, but again makes weight loss more elusive. I would be interested to find out how later eating works for you.


Well I've only been at it a fortnight and while I haven't actually lost any weight (and I still have a 36inch waist ) I do feel different (as well as hungry ). I'm hoping this is a reduction in visceral fat.


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