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Help a granny lose some weight!


I have just moved house and my eating has been chaotic since the move. I was losing weight before I moved but have come to a halt now. I want to et going again as I have about 2 stone to lose. I do need some encouragement as I am 65 now and finding losing weight is getting much more difficult than it used to be!

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Granny51,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. I hope you'll enjoy being part of this great community. I'd recommend having a look at our Welcome Newbie post, which is in the Pinned Posts area (right-hand-side of the homepage, or at the bottom if you're accessing via a mobile).

The NHS 12 week plan is really good and easy to follow, so definitely worth a look.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Hope you'll join in with anything you like the look of in the forum, and have a look through the 'Topics' posts too - they are really good - the recipe/meal/snack section is really good as well. :-)

Lowcal :-)

Hi, I am 61 and also a granny. I have lost 2 stone with another 2 stone to go. I have found that keeping a food diary and sticking to a calorie allowance is the best way to go.

I try to go for a walk with my dog most days but that is all the exercise I can manage as I have arthritis and degenerate disc disease.

The benefits are huge, much less pain in my joints and a big improvement in my blood pressure. So do persevere and be patient, slow and sure is best.

Hi there. Like you, it feels harder to loose weight as you get older which gets very frustrating. I've decided to take little steps to change my lifestyle. I only started yesterday so its early days for me. I had my fist evening without wine last night so I'm feeling a little brighter this morning. I am going for a swim today, then I plan to do a walk another day. I'm hoping that by planning my meals and doing some activity that I can start to loose 2 stone also. I hope you manage to feel some encouragement all the best Gro123

I can quite understand! Weight seems to want to stay put almost regardless of what I eat/don't eat/do or not do!! Still have managed to get extra walking in so hoping that my body will realise that it's doing it some good! Let's do it for the "oldies"!


Believe it or not Hidden it does us good to have breaks away from trying to lose weight, provided we don't put back on.

The body attempts to keep a constant internal environment, so if we cut back on what we eat, eventually the body will adjust to that new level of intake believing that is the only food we have available currently. The evidence is that the metabolism slows for instance even if we exercise regularly, partly because of weight lost and partly to conserve energy in the face of perceived starvation. That's why increasing natural fat intake for a week or two each month has dividends

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