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First weigh in post

Hi I'm a newbie having started just last week. I have switched from slimming world as my weight had got stuck. I'm sure I was eating too much. I have been counting calories all week and have found myself quite full (most of the time) my son is getting married next June and I don't want to be the short dumpy one in the photos!! I have increased my exercise this week with additional walkies for the dog and started swimming. My starting weight was 11.7 and today I am 11.6. I'm happy to lose a pound and will continue with my struggle.

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Hello there, well done for losing that first pound. Hopefully you can find help and guidance on here which can help you and maybe even help it to be less of a struggle.

I'm not sure if anyone has already guided you to the pinned posts on the right side of the screen? There is one for Newbies, plus other helpful posts and challenges.

Also, have you used the NHS bmi checker? It will tell you how many calories you can eat and still lose weight. I think most of us here use it to calculate our calorie intake. It works!


I hope you join in with posting on the forum and reading posts, it's a very friendly and supportive place!

Wishing you all the best!

Ruby8 :-)


Well done a great achievement


Hi 63_kim01 I am a target member for Slimming World and kept putting on and yo yoing for 10lbs for a while so came on here. This is a terrific place you will get lots of tips and encouragement. I am down to my last 3lbs now and have also joined the "Last few Pounds Club" you can post weight each week, separately on both. I have found extra exercise is doing it for me and trimming those xtra treats but do keep on here and follow the advice from the leaders and others in the same boat as you and you will succeed there is no doubt.


good luck from a fellow newbie fight the good fight


Hello and welcome 😊

Just to say I also follow a generous plan as I don't cope well with hunger, 😊 Slow and steady will see you two stone lighter by next summer 😊😊😊


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