Calories and walking

Bit of enlightenment for me, downloaded MyFitnessPal this morning and have just returned from a fairly brisk 5 mile walk - and only burned about 400 kcals! In the old days I'd reward myself for such activity with a biscuit or nuts or something in the gob..... not now! A couple of biscuits would mean I'd just put on what I've enjoyed burning.

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  • It certainly makes you really consider wasting precious calories when you realise how hard you need to work to burn them off 😊

    Well done on the walk, enjoy your hard earned dinner 😊

  • I totally did this too. Now I never use my exercise calories.

  • OOh a walker, do join the Kilo Zero challenge for a bit of fun

  • I'll investigate - I'm already on the tropical cruise thing!

  • ahh that will be it lol

  • Doh, I was searching for it!!!!

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