status weight loss from 84kg to 75kg latest picture of progress

status weight loss from 84kg to 75kg latest picture of progress

update photo after losing 3 a few hitting days of plateau no weight loss days...must start to reading about proper diet plan better ...i read and read and action does not follow well ...i start reading again sigh !

ah this pic is just BEFORE the a bit less now 75kg status...having reduced from 94kg a few months ago picture posted in initial post.


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  • Hi Nanakins,

    Congratulations on losing 3 stones, that's great! - If you'd like a weight loss badge to mark your achievement let either myself or moreless know, and we'll be very happy to award you one. :-)

    Wishing you success with your remaining goals, and hope you are able to manage to push past that plateau.

    Lowcal :-)

  • right thanks as stated...i really need to get to grips with a sensible food plan diet for the future...i have i admit done a starvation type diet to achieve that weight loss over the past few months...started from email records on 18th july at i think 95kg...and as of yesterday 8th october same year weighed in at i weight can vary 2kg more if i drink a great think water weight...i am extremely pleased with losing 20kg 3 stone...but...realise there is still another 2 stone to lose to get to normal target weight...i am very concerned about starting to eat more normally i take LOADS of vitamin supplements every day of course and intend to carry on with those even after the weight loss achieved....i mean vit b12 let alone D issues esp for over 50s are alarming issues i read...all the pesticides and chemcals in our foods alarm me too...i am definately OFF dairy and flesh foods FAR too many chemicals and hormones stuffed int them increasing cancer risks all WONDER so many shelves of ALLERGIC to also modified WHEAT it turns out not like it was decades ago ! i am in a state of SHOCK about the nature of substances in our food the more i read ! for DECADES i realise i like most have been IGNORANT of the toxic nature of substances in milk etc ! 30 to 50 checmials in a single apple or tomato inside and out ! suggestions about washing them in soapy water to remove those and waxes even sprayed on our fruit and veg ! i am in shock...and isnt MY FAULT MY GREED that has led to weight gain alone or even the major cause of it ! i do believe...the rubbish toxic stuff in food produced has been mostly the cause ! from what i have read by many medics on the web...we have been conned for years about changes to our food substances ! eeeeek ! excuse shock of reading about 35 chemicals and hormones in dairy milk alone CAUSING cancers and osterperosis sent me into shock...i had heard about egg yolks being injected with colourant chemicals of i must cease and get back to ? the weight plateau and thyroid metabolic slow down readings and issues...because ...i dont wish to end up having to only eat 500 calories a day forever more in the rest of my life after reaching i hope in a few months time my target weight level of size 12 or 10 again....

  • excuse me..i am NOT trying to avoid ALL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for my weight gain problems...but....i DO think..WHY ? and when i read...that the uk is the FATMAN of Europe...i do ask myself...WHY ?? SURELY....with 64 PERCENT the MAJORITY of the UK POPULATION being officially OVERWEIGHT...67 percent in LONDON ...there is SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE FOOD we are presented wtih as standard !! it is NOT a case of saying...ALL THE MAJORITY OF BRITISH PEOPLE are GREEDY SELF INDULGENT OVER EATERS ! when humans would be the same in France germany italy eerywhere in the world the same IF THAT WERE THE CASE in western socieities with plenty access to food !

    there MUST be something MUCH MORE WRONG with the STANDARD FOOD SUBSTANCES and content of food in britain !!! the TYPES of food sold here...mars bars...huge huge dairy products....big amounts of chicken meat fish animal based products....britain IS traditionally a HUGE diary animal consumming society...and now...we find out only years too late...that all that dairy produce has ? 35 HARMFUL CHEMCaLS in it...and CAUSES CANCERS etc !!!

  • I don't think it's dairy per se nanakins; I eat lots of cheese, soft cheese, double cream and full-fat milk, am not overweight and have zero heart calcification. It must be the way the food is being processed.

    Too much fructose, high-glycaemic food, alcohol, processed vegetable oils and additives definitely contribute to ill-health.

  • thx this too much sugar in foods everywhere does seem to be excessive...excuse me i was just thinking WHY did i put so much weight on in a year ? when i wasnt binging on anything that i was aware of ...if i had eaten the recomended calories meals per day regularly i would have put on double the weight lol ! oh well. i had a bit of out outpouring today here hey !

  • Better out than in ;-) Have you tried a maintenance break for a week or two each month nanakins to prevent a plateau?

  • hi concerned. now i am irritable to realise from my readings that yes i must have plateaud due to metabolism lowering due to lower calories intake...and when i had a couple of days BREAK of the dieting i stalled the weight loss for a full week before i could get it going again...and i am dreading when i start eating 2 meals a day again...i will have to up the exercise bigtime i think...all this lowering of metabolism reading is sinking in on i have had a MASSIVE out of my thoughts on this weight loss issues...and this plateau issue sure is a demotivator...goodness knows what the body is up to...but we have a good idea !

  • It took Eddison 999 attempts before he came up with a viable light bulb; what you've learned today is going to help you toward your weight loss goal and prevent you relapsing.

    All the best nanakins!

  • thanks concerned ! i sure dont think i or anyone knows it all lol ! in years to come they may discover things that overturn all we think we know today ! in the meantime ! fingers crossed...and SCALES a permanent feature in the bathroom for weekly monitoring for the rest of life ! what gets monitored gets done principle ! fingers crossed !

  • Congrats on losing 3 stone! Just carry on. You'll sometimes plateau or even gain, but as long as you keep watching your diet you'll start losing again.

  • thank you. i get alarmed at these occasional plateaux...always after a CHEAT DAY at my mother in her fridge of binges just a bite to eat for taste missed issue and temptation...but...the weight loss stalls for a WEEK at least after one of those days...and i worry...about what will happen when i start to try and eat normally again after such calory reduction for months period...i do realise...the metabolism has reduced it will be difficult to eat NORMALLY again for a long time ...scales and exercise needed continually no doubt...but ! i am NOT THERE yet !

  • Oh Nanakins is there really that many toxins in food? I am learning things from you.

    What are thefoods I need to avoid? Your so in the know☺

  • ooh i am no medic or nutritionist...i simply read those that write articles about these things and in horror when i find many saying the same things...that dairy milk has loads of hormones and chemicals harmful to health...the WHO said 90 percent of all antibioitics are given to farm animals so end up in our bodies leading to what was widely reported as a massive risk of antibioitic resistance ! then i was horrified to read that at least 30 and more chemicals and pesticides were IN many fruits and veg like apples and bananas injected to not decay too fast etc...saying wash even with detergent apples and tomatos and rinse well of course as there are waxes even on their skins chemicals ! all this i read on as i say several autorititive sites by medics and the i dont think it is ok to publicise other websites here so i dont put the links but if one wants to read about which veg and fruits are best washed or organic to have less pesticides dirty dozen fruit and for the dairy issues google that to find articles...and as for the problems with WHEAT that is not the same as the natural wheat of a few decades ago so causing like SOY plant products also modified having negative effects on our health also...well google that issue too...i am in state of shock...i mean so many are now saying our western meat and animal overdosed based diets are causing what is called ..omg...the SUGAR INCREASE in consumption since the 50s is enormous ! it is in all kinds of our foods now apparently ! now this is far too long a post...but since asked for what..i just copy what i found for a list of OK and NOT so oK fruit and veg stuff on some medic website...eeek....

    the TOP FRUIT TO DEFINATELY BUY ORGANIC to reduce the chemicals added are...

    1. APPLES...40 pesticides...


    3, GRAPES...50 pesticides..

    4. CELERy..60 pesticides.

    5. PEACHES...60

    6. SPINACH....60...

    PEPPERS CUCUMBERS NECTARINES....OMG...86 average pesticides on skin of CUCUMBERS...a PEEL DEFINATELY veg....

    POTATOES 30 pesticides...SWEET ORGANIC Potaotes less...

    LEETUCE....50 pesticides...KALE...

    and of course...

    4 CHEMICALS added to HORMONE residues...

    and MEAT FLESH full of chemicals antibiotic residues.

    now...because GRAPES get pesticides added as standard ...NON ORGANIC WINE is FULL of pesticides and chemicals added !



    these fruit and veg are SAFER from chemicals and pesticides...ORGANIC OR NOT !!

    ONIONS !


    PINEAPPLE ! right off to focus on THAT fruit now mangos dubious !

    MANGOES in this list but...have read issues about these elsewhere.

    KIWIS...same comment as mangoes...











    now...FARMED ANIMAL FLESH is FULL of chemicals ADDITIONAL of course to the CHEMICALS in their PLANT FOOD or in the case of farmed fish MANURE ETC OF OTHER ANIMALS food....

    Fish have extremely high levels of chemicals such as arsenic, mercury, PCBs, ...and recently news of PLASTICS in wild fish due to the MASSIVE amount of plastic in the waters of the world everywhere...and MERCURY etc toxins...the FARMED fish are FULL of ADDITIONAL chemicals and hormones to boost their growth unnaturally.

    found here if not an iss to share where i found this list..The Modern Food System and the Roots of Obesity - Mercola

    i mean...not just these reports i read...but my ducks refused a huge oversized dandlion leaves i pulled up from the middle of a pik your own strawbery field in britain..thinking oooh those are huge lovely...well..the soil and leaves must be pumped full of fertilisers and ducks didnt TOUCH the dandlelions...they llove normal small ones i pull from roadside for them...and that shock added to when i reaad in britain spain everywhere now fruit and veg is grown in huge greenhouses not even in soil but off chemicals and water ! but i shall be quiet...but alarmed of course and disapoointed and sent email to ask for allotment to at least try to grow something myself and not buy chemical fertiliser soil but maybe leaves ! it is chemicals overdose everywhere...and then we wonder...why the majority of the uk is overweight ! for the first time in history...obesitiy is the biggest health risk ! surely it isnt about humas having become gluttons ? it must be changes in our foods ! our diets ! and why brits are the fatties of europe iindicates not a personality difference to me but what kind of foods are pushed at us here so much ! i mean mars bars etc ! crisps ! ever shop you ever go in ! even b and q have those junk foods high sugar foods at the tills ! i cease.

  • OMG

    I will never think about food in the same way again.

    What's left to eat I ask myself.

    Your ducks are very wise ducks. It makes you think.

    What reactions have been documented on the effects if we eat any of these things.

  • oh we are all getting cancers heart problems allergies ...all sorts...intolerances to things like gluten dairy nuts all sorts...the whole obesity weight problem is now heading to population control as the new generations brought up on all this SUGAR FAT AND SALT topped with PESTICIDES and HORMONES and ANTIBIOTICS etc are going to get all sorts of illnesses earlier from now on thanks to OUR FOOD ! all i am trying to do for myself and my dogs who due to human engineering of pedigrees have their inbred propensities to SPECIALS like stomache cancer in their case is make sure they eat VEGAN plants and ORGANIC PLANT foods and now i need to start WASHING my fruit and veg as i do love GRAPES but understand they are coated with chemicals too ! all i can personally document for myself health wise effects are ? a large gallstone...and weight gain even tho i didnt binge or eat large portions to my mindn this past year but i do admit i was lazier and lazier to do exercise ...well all that weight carried tired me and made is less pleasant ! anyway. i shall cease or i will write a huge rambling blog here..i have watched those tv shows about extreme weight loss people ,,,those i saw in uk here and in france...and usa ones...and i thought...well this is the sign of the times ! so many have this weight prob today ! my bmi is now 29 i think ...haing lost 3 stone in the past few months WAS 34 ! well heading the right way...but...staying there will be the challenge ! right is fume and fret over the food problems...i must say..i quite like jamie oliver...he has tried to push for attention to food quality and ways of production...ooh...i sahll cease now...the tv programe called THE SECRET EATERS is on as i type !! that is how BAD it is today ! personally...i think the western diet and mentality has a lot to be blamed for...i said to someone about his diabetes drug mentioned metaformin or name like that...what is that ? got a reply full of scientific igoogled...and ? found the basic plant it is made from is called goats rue...and one risk of that drug is ? defiiciency in vitaminb12...well i said to him...all those scientific names aer goobledeegook..EVERYTHING has to start off with PLANTS...even MEAT is just PROCESSED PLANTS ! has to be ! and since the latest mantras being sung are ...PROCESSED IS BAD NATURAL RAW IS GOOD...even COOKING is PROCESSING and destroys HALF the nutrients of veg and fruit i read ! so drink the liquid boiled in i read...and try washing off all the chemicals on the outside if not possible on the inside of course...and certainly avoid modified modern WHEAT ! well...pufffed up pastries now on tv...i must admit..the main reason i managed to lose any weight was NO GOOD IN HOUSE IN SIGHT....if i see a packet of walnuts ? i eat them. i got thu several large packets of raw peanuts over a couple of days. the only consolation was peanuts have loads of protein ! well we have to comfort ourslves for such binges somehow ! but...when i bought one day just a small seventy gram packet of roasted peanuts...i read the small print on the back and it stated four hundred calories !!! eeeeeek !!! well i didnt eat anything else that day but a couple of apples after that ! i mean you could reach 1000 calories in 2 small packets of roasted peanuts i realised !!!

  • soups. i have decided...having noticed that restaurants over recent years have REMOVED soups from menus...why ? because they fill people up who then dont spend on other courses ! soups....are what i need to eat more of...veg herbs and spices ones. i am contemplating and plannign a REVOLUTION for my future eating habits...have a list of things..that include some vegan jamie oliver recipies...but...i am FED UP with the TREND hype changes that tell us..conflicting the claims every say ten years...this fat or that is good or bad...this sugar or that is good or bad...this or that salt is good or bad...and all that jazz....oh then add carbs are good or not good...have i missed anything out ? oh ...overdoses of vit c is ok but not the metal minerals...and suddenly we are told TAKE VIT D always as britain doesnt get enough sun...well SURELY THAT HASNT CHANGED RECNTLY ? was the case for centuries ? one reads so many conflicting things...LOW FAT is bad it is ? COCONUt OIL is SUPERFOOD and better even than OLIVE OIL !

  • Oh thank you for that. You have certainly done your research.

    So apart from nuts and apples what do you believe we should be eating.

    What do you eat there doesn't appear to be anything left.

    You say you feed your dog's a special diet is that a dried complete food? ☺

  • well i am on the road to a collection of recipies of things I LIKE and find tasty of course...and...i have done loads of links to things read online and have some books and am reseaching more...but SEAWEED for iodine and general good things i read and believe is has to be QUALITY seaweed of course as our waters are so polluted everywhere that is a prob....oh my dogs eat um not sure if able to mention it here veggiepets organic dry vegan dog food yes....they have the stomach cancer riskk from raw flesh food i mentioned in their human engineered breed....i moved them off other diets after stomach ulcers discovered and eating loads of grass ...that actually was the cause of the ulcers ! a farmfield...plastered wtih pesticides etc ! that the dogs ate grass off and got stomache ulcers from ! so much for the health of the countryside hey ! if not breathing the fossil fuel pollution in cities we are breathing the amonia asthma fumes of intensive manure and pesticides in the countryside !

  • and as for my suggestigng eating nuts...well obviosly loads of people today have allergies to nuts ! all these new allergies ! that sure is bad news...nuts are so full of proteins i understand ! and at least hopefully not yet read coated in chemicals !

  • The Weston A Price Foundation have an answer to the vitamin D quandary. Basically, we've been told that you can't get sufficient vitamin D from food, but the foods that do contain vitamin D, such as lard and other animal fats, we've been scared away from.

  • Thanks Concearned very long but very interesting also.

    Glad I had my bacon and egg fried in lard this morning with buttered toast.

    Interesting the corolation of satins to cancer joint pain and low mood depression and potentially death and questioning do we really need them.

    Drug companies have a lot to answer to - they hold the monopoly put a spin on their research and therefore hold the cards. Hwnce Marys demise for firther research projects.

    However good for Mary speaking out a strong woman.

    Thank you for the link I have really enjoyed that and to cinema a phase gives us food for thought.

  • As you get nearer to goal it does get slower but don't give up 😊 It's worth it 😊 Exercise helps as it tones and creates muscle 😊 Good luck, you are doing really well!! Very well don!! 😊😊😊

  • O M G this is sooo confusing for me is all milk bad or particular types and what's best to put in your drinks? My friend has been having soya as someone told her it was good for the menopause but I don't like it and have quite a lot of fruit teas minus milk.

    Is it best to buy organic or grow your own? I am going to have to research lots more I think.

  • itsbab...i am no dietician or medic i just read what those write about and try keeping up to date...ref the milk issue...the latest is that soya in milk or anything can be not healthy due to being not natural organic but modified...and shows thyroid gland i read one effect...which means extra fat weight...i moved to almond and other nut and non soya milks recently i add. ref menopause soy benefits could well be...i read an article on thew web...called,,,The Light And Dark Sides Of Soy...that mentioned this. many of the eastern diet based foods ARE based on soy apparently...but which type of soy ? a bit like the wheat problems today...due to not being the same wheat as 50 years ago ref the organic or not...i was disapointed that even organic have pesticides and chemicals although LESS than non organic i like everyone has only the option to buy organic and start washing with washing up liquid the outside and rinsing all grapes apples tomatos etc in future ...or grow ones own...but lets get our postage stamp sized gardens and rabbits birds etc eating lettuces etc grown risks unless an allotment and time for that we have to buy what is on offer in shops. i certainly am avoiding all non fair trade bananas now after reading these are standardly injected with chemicals ref conclusion..i avoid dairy milk after the recent revelations of 35 hormones and chemicals harmful to health in that...well no suprises there cows are pumped full of chemicals to increase production of milk for humans not their calves that are taken off as soon as born to be killed of course..the unnatural production levels of milk of cows today is due to chemicals and frankenstein breeding animals....all that osterperosis prevention claims of the big business dairy industries of the past were bs it now transpires when unmuzzled independant scientists tell the truth about what is in our dairy milk and all those chemicals....ref the soy milk...i conclude thinking that maybe like wheat today...depends of the nature of the soya. i was appalled that bread is such an unhealthy fattening substance today due to the changes in wheat rye bread if from good wheat is far better i read.

  • Thank you for that👍 I am going to spend quite a bit of time now researching about foods and even though I don't have a massive back garden I am going to plant my own stuff even if it's only a small amount😊 I did it a couple of years ago then got fed up because of a snail invasion.🐌🐌🐌🐌

  • ooh good oh...just pointers of things i read i add....and...the snails and slugs issue is a HUGE new climate change growth prob ....hence the increase of slug dog worm diseases like heart/lung worm...they have doubled last mild winter and ALL my sunflowers were chopped off by slugs and snails this summer. i also am looking into an allotment...but...not unaware that...rabbits...birds...slugs...are going to eat my stuff wonder all our bought in shops stuff is grown under huge greenhouses...apparently KENT has one area the size of healthrow airport ! and spain is so full of plastic greenhouses the seas are fulll of fish stuffed full of plastics when it ends up there...all our fruit and grown in intensive massive greenhouses more and more...and stuffed full of chemicals if bananas etc...and we dump half of all supermarket fruit and veg anywhere in europe being into waste ! all that news and truths came out only in the past 1 year i add...but has been going of of coruse like all the food pollution issues for DECADES ! i really do realising all racehorses and greyhounds are killed off after only a few years life for fun of humans...we live for decades like MUSHROOMS in the dark....i was in shock realising if all the horses and greyhounds were retired off to families tehre would be nothing but greyhound pet dogs in the streets ! i happend to read they are burnt and buried ...australia has just banned that sport due to that issue i read also point is...just like food issues....we just dont think about issues around it until something sparks our attention....and makes us start thinking about it. i am in shock still...after massive readings on the web...great thing that read articles of medics of course that reveal shock horror revelations about health issue that for years we have believed to be not a problem...only now when the nhs is in dire deficit and heading southwards meaning down further for that into we get articles saying....ooh obesity is going to bankrupt the nhs in the near future ! all london kids obesity the worst in britain and europe ! so much sugar fat salt in food in our faces !!! and of course the lies about 350 million a week payment to nhs were just appetisers to sugar us up ...privatisation and letting those that can afford health pay is the real stated intentions of the current governement...never mind a few leader changes....i mean was it diabetic sugar spike anger outbursts that got 2 british mps knocking each other out in strassburgt like 2 picaniniy 3rd world as boris johnson would call africans or blacks representatives of diabetic spikes britain ???? bbc online today has article saying diabetes in london and lincs and generally massive increases and forecast to continue....the avoidable type2 i add...avoidable by medics say plant based diets....i cease....but....i want this weight OFF for sure...i do NOT feel happy being affects my mood not only my physical well being...carrying 10kg of a couple of bags of potatoes around permanently is not even good military training ! it is plain tiring and demotivating to move at all ! so a vicious circle ! the fatter one is...the less one feels and is able to move around energetically ! so the worse it gets ! a downwards spiral !!! and i of COURSE ate say once a week a packet of salty high calory walkers crisps ! daring to name just one big profits brand of junk food...that has i read only recently of course not being into reading small print IF truthful on packets of horse or beef full of hormones meat labels 400 to 700 calories !!! i mean that is ENORMOUS amount of fattening substances ! salt ! fat ! sugars ! and as for the macdonalds chips...turns out they are not even POTATO based !!! eeeek ! but ...we eat what is presented to us ! boil the veggies...kills teh vitamins...and say...well PROPERLY cooked vegetables are healthy ! but ! they are BOILED or COOKED to death ! processed ! cooking is a process ! and...turns out...the over 50s...absorb HALF what when 20 years younger bodies do ! so ? the outta date anyway mantra of 5 a day fruit and veg...which needs updateing to 10 a day by the way to recognise all our fruit and veg have HALF the 50 years ago nutrients in them ? an over 50 year old...should be eaeting 20 a day !! so ? i take multivits. probably falsely labelled and missing things of benefit that are in natural food of coruse i recognise...processing vitamin pills is processing after all also ! the best would be...natural food...plant based...rotated crops...not dug over soil since that makes nutrients in the soil wash away hence overuse of fertilisers....i mean i am NOT interested in a cultivator machine digging up allotment...the nutrients in the soil wash away...turns out the usa is only realising that loss in recent years after decades of ploughing obsessions...shove more chemicals onto the same patches of land that grow the same things year after BOUND to make things lose must must cease my outpouring of thoughts.....or i shall depress myself and others ! not my intention

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