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Racing the rain!

Decided to try biking before breakfast today. I defintly noticed I felt it was more effort than normal however, it seemed every time I went on a new road, the head wind changed direction so i was biking against it! Then I began to feel specks of rain as I was halfway through which gave me motivation to speed up and get home to a warm cup of tea and some breakfast! Biked 9.6km in 29.35 mins so slightly slower than normal.

Now attempting wholemeal bread in the bread maker but due to it being so old I dont have the little recipe book it came with so am using a kenwood version. Hopefully it turns out alright and i can post a picture later!

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Hi AuraShadows,

Good luck with your wholemeal bread, and I hope we can see the lovely picture later - will look forward to that!

Lowcal :-)

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Well done on you early morning cycle 😊

I like to exercise first thing too, and found I need to rehydrate first, glass of water and a cup of tea in the hour before exercise 😊 (I'm an early riser so it's not a problem)

Good luck! Enjoy your bread 😊


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