Dont worry about the occasional treat!

Tonight we decided to eat out at wildwood kinda of last minute and knowing I wouldnt be able to resist the chocolate brownies I chose a goats cheese salad (which Im glad I did, it was AMAZING) and didnt eat the bread it comes with as I found it too crunchy instead of completly blowing my allowance by having a massive pizza and chips. So eventhough I didnt resist a pudding and am probably over my allowance (havent got round to doing it yet) Im not too bothered because this is a healthy lifestyle not a diet and the occasional treat is part of living! (Although Ill do some extra biking tomorrow morning!)

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  • Fantastic post AuraShadows and you've hit the nail on the head .... this is for life not just a diet 😆 you need a treat every now and then or else you would crave it then binge!!

    What is it people say .... a little of what you like does you good 😉

  • Great attitude.

  • Well said! :-)

  • Sounds lovely , and a great sensible attitude. Lifestyle is about enjoying food , and as you say some lovely treats.

  • Couldn't agree more! Well done on the balancing act 😊

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