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hi im new just been diognozed ibs

founding it really hard carnt eat any veg apart from marrow swede and fresh parnips any food in breadcrums upsets my ibs chips in oil so i have to use traditional lard it really hard cause ive lost lots of weight and i carnt put it back on and i have to use solid butter as well its so frustrating and when i need the loo ineed it quick

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Hi tyse and welcome to the weight loss forum.

I don't have much bread and never buy butter or marg and I use Frylight, not oil. I can see that you are limited in your food because of the IBS and wonder if the IBS forum could help at all with that side of it. We will help as much as we can on the healthy eating and losing weight side of things :)

The link to the IBS forum is: healthunlocked.com/theibsne...

Most of us on here started by following the weight loss 12 week plan. If you click on the 'Welcome Newbies' post under Pinned Posts on the right of the page, there is lots of helpful advice. It might be an idea to check your BMI (there's a link to that and the 12 week plan in the Welcome Newbies post). Also take your measurements as sometimes the scales don't move, but you can still lose inches.

Join in any challenges that take your fancy, they all help encourage us to exercise and eat healthily. Also please consider joining in our Monday weigh-in, this is posted on Monday morning and Monday afternoon by one of our lovely Administrators Lowcal and moreless. You can reply to either thread until they are closed (the morning one closes when the afternoon one opens). The afternoon one is open from Monday lunchtime until 6pm on the Friday so loads of time to join in, I find it makes me more accountable knowing that I will be sharing my loss or gain with everyone here.

If you have any questions, just do a post, everyone here is friendly and very helpful.

Good luck on your journey to healthy eating 🍀

Mouse 🐭


Hello and welcome 😊

You seem to have good knowledge of what foods to avoid, so I suggest you try to make interesting meals from foods you know don't upset you, lean meat, salad, fruit if you can eat it? 😊 IBS will complicate things but solutions are always possible 😊 Good luck


Sounds as though you are having a really tough time. I am not sure I'm understanding you correctly - you say you've lost lots of weight and can't put it back on. Does that mean you wanted to and needed to lose that weight but you are now worried about putting it all back on because of the way you need to manage the IBS? Or do you mean that you've lost lots of weight and it is a problem for you, and you need to put *on* weight... ie the opposite goal to people on this forum?

I am pretty sure there'll be an IBS forum on HealthUnlocked or the Healthy Eating forum might have some ideas on how to put weight on in a healthy way. And it sounds as though input from a dietician might be helpful. It sounds as though your eating could do with a tweak if things in breadcrumbs and chips are staples.

Good luck!

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I eat solid butter as it is full if vitamins and I think a much more natural food than veg oil which is heavily processed and depletes omega 3. Omega 3 is needed for weight loss. I am however careful about my portion sizes. I was advised by the local weight management service in the NHS ( The people you are reffered to for extreme overweight or bariatric surgery) and for the first time I felt that what I was being offered in terms of weight loss was realistic and helpful. I was advised to sign on to myfitnesspal and aim to lose 1 pound a week and to also take up mindfulness. I have lost a regular 1 pound a week and I found with doing myfitnesspal that I am able to eat butter.I believe peppermint tea is good for IBS.


I too will only eat butter, I'm not sure I want to ingest margarine - too many chemicals. But I rarely actually eat it. Sits in the butter dish for months unused unless I make a cake or something.... I'd wean myself off the butter usage but not the product.

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