And I would bike 500km! And I will bike 500 more!

And I would bike 500km! And I will bike 500 more!

So today I have finally biked over 500km. I bought my 2nd hand Raleigh bike at the end of July for £25 and its the best £25 I have ever spent. I have explored many of the local (flat) fen roads and even spent many happy hours exploring the Moselle in France whilst on holiday with my Grandparents. I am honestly so surprised I have managed to keep up with cycling regularly for over 2 months now! I dont know if its because I didnt want to waste money by not using it or if its because I really enjoy it but its become habit to come home, get changed and go straight on my bike without thinking about it. As a reward to myself I have bought some lovely exercise leggings that cover my whole legs so I dont freeze over winter) and a bottle cage which I have cable tied on! Heres so many more kms!


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7 Replies

  • Hi AuraShadows,

    Wow, you've biked so many kms - 500kms!!! Amazing!!! :-) Brilliant!!! :-)

    Glad you're treated yourself to those leggings, plus the bottle cage.

    Here's to lots more Kms, and have a wonderful time.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Fantastic achievement AuraShadows .... well done 👍😆

  • It's amazing that most things that are good for us in life are free or cost very little. You got a bargain with that bike and found a new venture you enjoy. Well done and keep up the good work⭐️Have you thought about joining a cycling club in your area one for leisurely rides and not race cycling? 👍😊

  • Well done for putting your bike to good use. Mine just sits in the garage with a pretty pink blanket over it. I feel a bit nervous riding it to be honest so I'm very proud of you. Enjoy. 👏

  • Luckily all the roads near me are very quiet and flat as I live in a tiny village so dont have to worry about traffic although im sure they cant miss me with my bright yellow helmet!

  • Cable ties-the cyclist's best friend. Well done - it's addictive isn't it. Some good winter cycling gloves will help you keep going through winter too...and I sometimes wear a little skull cap type thin under my helmet too when it's bitter.

  • Fab story 😊 Well done on all those km 😊😊😊 great purchase!!

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