Fish challenge!

Fish challenge!

Thanks FizzyLiz. My first challenge - exciting. So, if you are lying down (not sure why the image got rotated...) you can see my fish dinner options joining us on the school run. Just bought a spiraliser so probably smoked salmon, courgette and pesto pasta. For info I didn't scoot but brought up the rear trotting behind my speedy scooting boys. Happy weekend and fish challenge everyone.

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  • Well done Newbiewl, that puts a whole new spin on meals on wheels! ;)

  • Hi Newbiewl,

    This is a great entry! Really good!!! :-) Enjoy your Fish Dinner options - they sound really great.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Fantastic picture Newbiewl 😆 I've had the same problem with my picture too lol ... except the fish tank made a mess all over my living room floor 🐠🐟 lol xx

  • Ha ha. Glad it's not just me! We are obviously both ready for a lie down after this week. Love your fish. I went to Legoland after school with the boys and went on the submarine with all the tropical fish. Sooooo relaxing. Hope the living room carpet is nearly dry...

  • Yay so glad you have joined in with the mini challenges - there are so much fun! Ooh your supper sounds delicious and healthy.

    700 bonus points awarded to you :)

    Have a lovely weekend,

    FL :D :D

  • Ooh! Thank you. We all know what points mean. Thank you so much. Enjoy your weekend.

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