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The heart-breaking pound


I used to weigh myself on a Monday evening at slimming world. This would mean going all day without eating much or drinking very much, and then not eating dinner before being weighed, in fear that anything I consumed would be weighed and used against me in the back of my book. This meant I was literally faint by 9:15pm when I got back – then too late to eat. So I would have whatever I could grab. Very bad habits to be in!

So I stopped attending the SW meetings, but still follow the plan. And I weigh myself on a Friday morning instead. This has been working better for me for the last two months and I have been somewhat steadily losing on a weekly basis.

But not today! Today, I gained a pound. ARGHHHH. I’m so frustrated. How hard is it to lose 1lb when I have so much to lose? I’ve been so good this week. Weighing my food, controlling my portion sizes and eating slowly etc. I’ve done lots of exercise this week and been very good on the whole. I feel like my body is being stubborn and no matter what I do sometimes, I just have a gain.

I’m going to go back to writing down every single thing I eat – and if I don’t lose next week at least I’ll have evidence that I was on plan!

I’ve agreed with myself that if weight loss doesn’t improve in the next two/three weeks then I will switch over to trying the NHS 12 week plan instead 

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I followed SW for a long time, initially losing 3.5 stone, went off plan for a few weeks having reached my target and then returned to group but spent 2 years struggling to lose the 1.5 stone I had put back on. Eventually, while keeping to the SW plan I added in calorie counting and managed to get back to target. Have been within my target range now since last Christmas. I continue to fluctuate a bit over a Half stone, sometimes getting to the bottom of my target range, mostly nearer the top. Have now given up going to SW but continue calorie counting and will weigh in periodically at SW to ensure I am keeping in target. Have also, within the last week started working with a PT as although my weight is OK a recent Body composition test showed my body fat is far too high. Hopefully will get my muscle mass up and fat down

Hidden in reply to Annde70

I like the way you've tackled your weight loss! I do like SW to an extent but they definitely do not put enough emphasis on calories and portion control - I realize this is the point in SW, but I feel like eating as much as you want stops you from ever really knowing when you're full and going way over on calories.

Congratulations on maintaining your weight :) :) And good luck with your PT! I hope it isn't too intense!

Annde70 in reply to Hidden

Thanks, I agree. SW's eat all you want theory is fine if you have a food cut off point. Unfortunately I don't and I'd easily eat free foods nonstop and common sense tells you that can't work. Good luck with going it alone. I'm sure it can work with the support of this site x

Its discouraging but dont let it get in the way of your motivation. You could just have water retention or something simple. I read on coach calorie that you can still lose fat even if the scales dont show it, due to natural weight fluctuation.

Having said that the 12 week plan is excellent.

Best wishes xx


I think you have a good plan, personally I use happy scale and weigh in daily, gives me an average, which I take as my true weight.

I've had very nasty bloating ( before I tackled it with tablets and yes it was hormonal), I could gain up to 6 lbs doing nothing , and then bring stuck for up to 20 days, before it calmed down.

Be ruthless with stuff or go to plateau plans?

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Diana

Good idea to weigh daily and take average 😊 Think I will try this 😊 I have had two weeks back on plan yet gained twice?? Didn't think of hormones . . .

DianaMaintainer in reply to IndigoBlue61

Ah bodies strange at times too, sometimes you lose when not expecting to

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