Snack attack!

Snack attack!

I consider myself an expert snacker. Some might not consider that a positive but I'm quite happy with my ability to find snacks that aren't too bad for you! I know the point is to avoid snacking but when you're getting used to smaller portions and you're new to that slightly hungry feeling and you get crazy cravings, it's definitely better to have a snack that you're in control of than a snack-attack!!

Here is just a bunch of stuff I snack on...

Egg-muffins! (pictured) - these are literally one of my favourite snacks to make just made in a muffin tin. Layer ham or fat-trimmed bacon into the tin, then fill with whisked egg mixture. Top with a sprinkle of low fat cheese. I actually had these for dinner but singularly they're great as a snack And will keep in the fridge for a few days.

Frozen grapes. - I LOVE this one. Put them in the freezer the night before. They're too cold to bite so as a snack they're sweet and you can suck on them and eat them slowly. Yum and keeps you from snacking on anything else!

Sugar free jelly - this is something I find so sweet and recommend making your own at home than buying the premade tubs, I'm sure it's all full of chemicals but it's better than all the fat in a chocolate bar!

Alpen light bars - only 70 calories each. I like them as an alternative to a chocolate bar.

Boiled eggs - boring but effective!

Two jaffa cakes - only really good if you can control yourself when you open a pack. But with a cup of tea, they just feel more satisfying than biscuits! They're a bit higher in calories than rich tea biscuits, but I find it easier to only have two of them.

Muller light yoghurts - slimming world rave about muller light yoghurts. I DO eat them often but don't condone them in general because I'm sure they're the sweetest things I've ever eaten. But I feel it's better than a chocolate bar! (basically I compare everything to a chocolate bar - my own personal demon).

Chopped plums and bananas with yoghurt and a teaspoon of honey (I use a teaspoon of honey on lots of things with fat free greek yoghurt).

Cucumber/celery and hummus. Celery is such a good snack. You can eat boat loads of it - well you can try and you'll never get bigger eating this, if you can get over the weird taste it's a great snack of choice. I find after the first three bites, I no longer notice the taste. A tablespoon of low fat hummus to dip into! Delicious and better than a bag of crisps.

Sunbites popcorn, multipack, less than 70 calories per individual pack. These are just amazing. Three different flavours and the sweet caramel ones are amazing.

If I DO eat crisps and chocolate I stick with:

Jaffa cakes

Two finger kitkat

One tea cake, the one with marshmallow - about 160? Calories each. Only ever an extreme treat if there's enough goodness in the day to warrant it.

Quavers (multipack only)

Squares (multipack only)

Snack a jacks (small multipack only)

And that's it really. I'm sure I snack on loads of other things but these are the things I turn to and rely on when I need to snack, and I usually plan them into my day so I never get out of control. As an example I planned to have a 70 calorie light alpen bar this evening if I stuck on plan for the whole day :) this is how it works for me and I just wanted to share some ideas! It's my personal weigh day tomorrow, so fingers crossed!


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13 Replies

  • Oh that's fab you have it all worked out I am really impressed. Your lunch looked good also. Thank you ☺

  • Oooh, your snack bag is amazing compared to mine! I love my late evening treats every day and really look forward to my dark, dark chocolate with a handful of almonds and dried, fruit. My other favourites at the moment are date and cashew bars or an apple and lump of cheese. The very thought of kit kats and jaffa cakes has sent me into a spin! You must be so strong willed; if I ate either of those wonderful goodies I wouldn't be able to stop until the boxes had gone and then I would have to rush down to the shops for more and more and more! Happy days x

  • I hope my post doesn't cause anyone to be too tempted by snacks! I was hoping just to give some alternative snacking ideas. :)

    I'm definitely a person who will eat an entire giant bar of chocolate so I just don't go near big bars of anything lol. But I've learnt to control myself with other things. I think I use a lot of pre-portioned snacks which takes a lot of the lack of control away :)

  • Oh def, pre portioned seems easier

  • I do the same thing and have learnt that two squares of dark chocolate are an appropriate amount, but a whole block is not. I couldn't do the same thing with milk chocolate though and never eat it these days. I am really good about portion control nowadays apart from certain foods which I simply cannot trust myself with and I've had to be honest with myself and remove the temptation altogether. Cakes, biscuits and milk chocolate seem to bring out the worst in me so they have been banished from the house unless my husband or daughter buy their own and then hide them from me, which they can rarely be bothered to do. The knock on effect is that both have lost a stone without trying so they have stopped moaning at me now and happily accepted the arrangement. Your snacks sound really healthy and I am so glad you can still cope with sensible portions of the occasional sweet treat x

  • I think I'd go crazy without having the occasional sweet treat. So it's become easier to be in control because it's either have a small portion, or don't have anything at all :)

    It's great that your healthy lifestyle is infecting your family and helping them to lose weight without even trying! :)

  • Ohhh the frozen grapes have been my saviour this summer along with ice lollies now the winters coming up I will have to find something else like celery as I don't sleep well and have been told this can help aid sleep.

    Thanks for your list the egg muffins look great for breakfast. 👍😊

  • Trying to reduce my added sugar, big snack fan..........used crisps, mini cheddars, and frozen grapes, loving snack packs of mixed nuts , Aldi and Greggs do them 25g. Lidl and other places their snack pots are too big!

  • Hi..just a couple of facts .1. It takes more calories to eat and digest celery than is in it..2.celery is a diuretic. .It helps get rid of excess water in the body.

    Love farmersue

  • Another trick to make things last longer is to mix strawberrys, blueberries or any fruit you like into the muller yogurt and then put them in a muffin case and freeze them, it's really nice and as it's then like an ice cream takes longer to eat.

  • That's a good idea 🙂 think I will try keeping a low calorie treat for the evening something to look forward too after a good day (fingers crossed) have a great day everyone 👍🏻

  • Great ideas! I need to start putting a bit of effort into snacks i think. I normally have half a tin of tuna mayo with carrot sticks, or hummus with celery. Ive found recipes for spicy roasted almonds, roasted chickpeas and spicy pumpkin seeds. I did make garlicky butterbean dip a while ago which was really nice. X

  • If you're after a crisp treat I find puffed hula hoops pretty good at only 72 calories a pack (from a multi-pack).

    I too like snacking on celery - but my other half keeps feeding it to the guinea-pigs! I see I have competition!

    Like the egg muffin idea - will give it a try!

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